Subtle Signs of Aging… maybe

Patch Day for Retribution 1.1 I logged in about 8 PM or so after writing the BB:45 Blog Post, a bit later than usual.  I clicked the EVE Launcher on my laptop and it commenced to download the EVE Mac Client. Some little while after that was done. Clicked to launch the EVE Client and login. Clicked on one the login news page to read the Patch Notes. So started reading the Patch Notes as I logged in to EVE on my usual character. Character logged in safe in station went back to reading Patch Notes.

Just reading Patch Notes as usual… reading and now down I guess about 1/4 the page, so will get to the end eventually soon.

Except I never made it to the end of the Patch Notes…

I fell asleep…

Woke up about 6 hours later in middle of the morning.

Huh I didn’t even know I was asleep.

That never used to be like that. I usually slept late whether I’m playing game or not. like after midnight kind of late regardless of what time I had to get up to go to work though I usually get up at 5 AM. Usually I get about a 3-4 hour snooze usually average it has always been. Always had a weird sleeping cycle from working 12hr work shifts since always been working.

But I’ve noticed lately its been like that. I must be feeling the signs of aging. Only reinforced in my mind by the fact that I did have my Birthday last week. I guess I’m now 40. But it never used to be like that falling asleep early and it has been like that for weeks now I’ve noticed.

So after I woke up from my long snooze early mid morning, I played EVE for about an hour or two and then got ready for heading off to work.

8 thoughts on “Subtle Signs of Aging… maybe

  1. Happy Birthday! I turned 40 just a couple of days ago. I can’t say I have suddenly started nodding off at my desk, but I do admit to looking at myself in the mirror on my birthday and thinking – crap, I’m getting old.


  2. Wasn’t as sudden, but kinda for a while now I have noticed it sleeping more and not being up as late as I usual. Falling asleep a lot more and often when I usually would not be asleep in that sleep cycle.


  3. 40! I remember 40, I think.

    As much as I like to groan about the ‘evils’ of being over 40, there’s a couple of things that keep me smiling:

    1) Sex after 40 is better than sex in your 20’s. No, I’m serious. Just make sure the kids are COMPLETELY asleep.
    2) Um, I forget the other thing.

    Did I mention that your memory gets works all of a sudden ?


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