Slowly worked on it over the last week, but I’m pretty much done tinkering with and updating the site for now. Only meant to update the Theme Layout but ended up tinkering with everything else. That’s including making some new page menu’s for the link headers at top of page, organizing posts tags, images, changing and testing page layouts and all that.

Overall I think things looks much better. Even feel better about drafting stuff to post. I finally did figure out how to get the wider template for occasional postings, that involve posting as a Page vs as a Post like some the pages at the top of the page menu and submenu (I actually had to look up the difference between the two via WordPress Support).

Anyway let me know what you all think below when you drop by.

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  1. It’s personal preference really but I don’t like Leave a Reply (or Replies 4) being at the top of a post. I don’t know I want to comment until I get to the end and if I’m at the end I don’t want to have to go hunting for the link.

    Also on this post it was at the end whereas on some other posts it isn’t.


    1. The best answer to that it they are features build into the WordPress Theme design layout of the Pages or Postings. That is not something I have a direct ability to change without changing up WordPress Themes best I can tell. Selecting where the “Reply” or “Leave Reply” shows up on a page is not a selectable option anywhere in the Theme Customization. I guess not unless your configuring your entire site yourself outside of the WordPress Theme.

      Looking at it, the WordPress Theme allows the ability to make different “Posts” in several formats other than the Standard, of which most posts are usually. All the Standard Posts does have the Reply at the top of page or shows how many first seeing the page. Yet it is also at the bottom of the same page with the ability to leave a comment when your on that specific “Title Post” page.

      What I believe does seem different at a glance is when your viewing the entire blog content (Home Page) of pages all at once with all the various title postings. In such case the Reply feature is also shown again at the top, but you will not see many the features at the botton of the page as those are all hidden as part of the WordPress Theme Layout. That seem to also be similar for many other WordPress Themes as well. But once you do click the title post page of the blog post Reply is both at the top as well bottom of page.

      The only exception seems to be when I posting in a non Standard format. As in this blog posting as it’s a “Status” format without any title to it. It requires no title to the post as it’s meant only for a quick posting, of a short paragraph or two or less as a quick status update (kinda like Facebook I guess) Be similar format if I just posted a pic without any words as well an “image” post format. For such posts the Reply feature shows up at the bottom of the page only best I can tell.


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