Recent Listening: A Crossing Zebra CSM 8 Interview

Guess If I blogged more often than usual, there would be more stuff as far as Posts go or know what I’ve been up to.

Ok, so I recently listened to: Podcast @ Crossing Zebra – CSM8 Election Interview: Mynnna

My Thoughts on the CSM is this: I’ve said before I’m no fan of the CSM. Nothing anyone can say will ever change that. It’s my personal hard belief that they serve their own interest vs the overall good of the game. I have absolutely no love for Politics or Politicians and probably why I have no love for the CSM either. A Necessary Evil as I look at it in relations to CCP somewhat. But that’s as low in feelings as it goes, even lawyers fare much better in comparison in my personal opinion. That’s my personal opinion of the matter.

And though I’m not a fan of the CSM, that don’t mean I don’t pay attention to what they say and do in EVE Online.

So of all the candidates that I’m aware of for CSM8, one of the few I had any interest in listening to was Mynnna AKA: Corestwo. I’ve just better known of him in game as Corestwo. So had a personal Interest in what Mynnna had to say as to why I listened to this CSM8 Podcast. I know of him from reading the MD forums as well as listening to discussions in Trade Chat in game for over the last year in EVE.

I’ve always been aware of Mynnna as a Goon and Null Sec player. One who is in the inner circles with the Goons and on the Goons Financial Cabal. As well A Big Time Market Trader & Industrialist and well Trillionaire I’ve been aware of also. Someone that seem to have knowledge of many game mechanics in many areas across the game. As well I was well aware of their exploits back in the summer with the FW exploits making Trillions via broken mechanic before it was even fixed by CCP from in game discussions at the time. I thought it was hilarious back then and still do.

I’m just a regular player playing EVE, I just Market Trade/Industry as a small time player. So someone like that don’t really go by unnoticed listening to in game discussions about daily happenings in Market Trade/Industry as it relates to me outside of the issue of Null Sec which he is apart of also. Many times I’ll just be a fly on the wall and listen to what’s going on in game Market Trade discussions. Often its enlightening information listening to discussion of things and many the times things I wasn’t even aware of. So you learn stuff you weren’t even quite aware of with Corestwo AKA: Mynnna, as well everyone else in discussion just being a fly on the wall most the time.

Which is why I had an interest in listening to the Crossing Zebra Podcast with him in Interview as well.

Was a great interview by the Host: Xander. First half of Interview went fine. Mynnna I guess lacked proper response 1-2 times about 3/4 the way into the Interview for more pinned down opinions on things. I likely felt he didn’t really want to nail down his personal opinions on those questions. But Could happen to anyone I guess too.

However I’m sure he’s well aware of WH’s though he said up front at the very beginning it’s not something he knows much of. Be like me as a mostly High Sec player talking about Null Sec out my ass as you would likely say. First thing your likely to say, I never lived in Null Sec bro! But does that mean I lack any knowledge at all. I read lots of stuff to stay somewhat informed though not the same as living there obviously as well. I’m more than sure he knows of WH’s in many ways, even if he has never lived there.

One the question asked I think asked was if Mynnna’s elected how can anyone prove that he wont be able to capitalize financially on inside knowledge gained from CSM and not use that inside knowledge in game to not profit from it. This to me was one the most interesting question I think asked knowing of Mynnna. I don’t think he or anyone really like him can ever give a good response to that. Because it’s just as likely he could have come up with that information in other ways via things CCP has said or hinted at, changed and being among the first to look into such changes and analyze their potential ramifications in game before anyone else.

You talking about someone who knows how to make huge amount of ISK by studying and massively analyzing game patches ahead of time to plan market moves and capitalize on it. Quite likely to happen either way elected or not. I can’t hold that against the guy from that point of view.

I do believe he would like to see more Industry in Null Sec or have it reformed in a way that more Industry take place there and less in High Sec among all the other Null Sec issues he likely advocate for. But as to how that all takes place buffing one area with changes and improvements over the another or nerfing one area vs the other to be seen or hear about later. That worries many I’m sure. Representing one the largest alliances in EVE people are going to want you to do things in their best interest not exactly the same interest maybe as everyone else in the entire game.

In the end I have to wonder exactly what do I think. A Goon Candidate for one the Largest Null Sec Alliance there is in the game currently. Not exactly a potential vote for someone who would be in my vote Interest obviously. Yet he is a genius of a Market Trader & Industrialist more so than anyone else I’ve known of for CSM and both of those are in my interest as well. He represents someone who plays the game in a bit of the way I do that understands the Market/Industrial sector and bad UI Interface which needs improvement also. But still there remains a lack of love for almost any CSM candidate as a whole I have. And you wonder how many players like me play EVE with no love for the CSM at all.

I’d like someone who holds the best interest of EVE at heart and for its growth and continued development. That’s something you will likely never see in EVE Online for all the reasons out there.

I don’t know if I’ll vote for anyone on CSM 8 this year with my small 2 votes. Few candidates for CSM ever really represents my Interest and others like me as they state their own platform candidacy.

As the bigger question is can anything get me to vote at all for anyone representing the CSM given my lack of love for Politicians and Politics. EVE Online is full of Politics! To me Politicians are all the same, they would say anything to get elected if it serves their interest or who they represent. Once elected you can change and say almost anything you want.

In the end I’d say Xander did a great job on the Podcast Interview in the time he had set up to do it.



  • Regarding Mynna it doesn’t matter if you vote for him. As the main CFC candidate he’s getting in, probably as Chair.

    For me I think Eve is in trouble with regard to the newbie veteran axis. Bringing players on board skews the balance towards the veterans and in any event veterans will get their points across and be on CCP’s wavelength much more than a newbie delegate would.

    So we are heading inevitably for a game heavily heavily skewed towards old rich players and the CSM just exacerbates that.

    • Yeah I agree with that and something thats already noticeable.

      I have things I’d like to see change in EVE. Some are overall game issues affecting EVE Online itself and some are more personal issues in the areas of the game I play. So i tend to look at them differently each.

      But ever since I started playing EVE from the very beginning, I remembered exactly how that came about. Starting EVE was just a curious research project! And it didn’t start by visiting EVE Website. It started by reading blogs, thats kinda obvious in a way. Read player blogs for perspective on what life was like playing the game vs what the website said about it. That was my approach to this mysterious game from the point as a new potential player and game blogger as I can gather info reading other players blog.

      As a result in starting EVE, one the things I early often worried about was how exactly does EVE really attract NEW players, who barely understand the game, with such a high hill to climb starting out in the game also, let alone making it pass 30-90 days playing it. Attracting new players is an issue when so many new players are quitting the game after trying it for all kinds of reasons. From my point of view that was caring enough about the good of the game to see that attracting new players are an issue and it didn’t take years of me playing to notice it.

      Yet I have other issues about EVE as a 3 years old player in my area of the game aside from what I consider are overall game issues.

      Yes Mynnna will likely win the Chair whether I vote for him or not and wether I vote at all in the CSM elections.

  • Really wasn’t kidding when I said I don’t know much about wormholes. I mean, I know they exist, and the basic mechanics. Problems with wormhole life I have a sort of second-hand experience with, hearing about them from other players. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that that makes me a good person to suggest further improvements for them. Comment on and work to improve suggestions from others more familiar with the trials and tribulations of wormhole life, yes, but originate, no.

    Glad to have your feedback though. Hopefully I can live up to peoples’ expectations.

    • To be fair the Goons have been one of the best alliances for supporting newbies. Historically this has only been their own newbies though. If you can bring some ideas from the general new Goon experience across to a general new Eve player experience then you’ll have done a very good job for new players, Mynna.

  • I am afraid that a candidate like Mynna would push their own agenda and ruin the game other people play. On the other hand I’d expect that same person to have enough knowledge of the game to know that the game needs to attract and hold on to new players instead of making a game that caters to 10.000 players with 10 accounts each.

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