Helping Kickstart Fund Dreamfall Chapters

I’m a MMO gamer. I’ve been playing as of this year online games for about 10 years now and not all that thrilled about the state of most of the MMO’s that are available to play. When I see a game I like or like something about it of the person creating it, I’ll maybe stop check it out and contribute. I don’t always, but I try.

It’s just my little way of helping change the kind of games that get funded and help move the vision of the games along so they may eventually come to life by their creator. As well trying in my own small way to help stick it to the big publishers of games. Publishers who don’t always believe in making good or interesting games, often trying to change them from their original vision.

The first game I help Kickstarted was Star Citizen and that turned out to be one the biggest success ever for a Kickstarter Funding and overall funding to help get created.

Screenshot at the time when I contributed.
Screenshot at the time when I contributed.

The second Kickstarter game Project that I’ve decided to contribute to was this project barely 24 hrs on Kickstarter. That’s after seeing the Video on the Kickstarter page, the team and new studio behind it, all the other information there about it, as well a great story of a game. Dreamfall Chapters – The Longest Journey.

I’m a gamer, I play MMO’s. I like games with great stories. But more so it was also knowing it was a new game studio with the game a brainchild of Ragnor Tornquist.  Ragnor who was the previous director behind the great stories and writing in TSW – The Secret World.

And though many people may not have liked how Funcom (big game publisher) eventually made TSW the game turn out, the story writing itself was most excellent with Ragnor Tornquist behind it. Which was why I supported that game at launch and became aware of Dreamfall Chapters when he left Funcom some time ago. A new game studio Red Thread Games and dev team to support the vision of creating the next chapters of Dreamfall Chapters. So after checking it out I decided to Pledge with my small contribution to…

Dreamfall Chapters – The Longest Journey

Kickstarter Project Funding Ends: March 10th, 2013

So far they seem to be doing quite well so far for the Kickstarter after the first 24 hrs. Hope they make it.

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