Ship Skills and Changes Ahead

Haven’t had a lot of time to look over the recent changes in the recent Dev Blog. I most i just glanced through the entire Dev Blog just eying most of it. I only have 2 characters of which neither is considered my Main Character at the moment. Have my oldest character approaching 50 Million Skill Points.

Both characters have being on a bit of a boring Skill Plan focusing on Ship Skills for quite a while over the last several months. I consider the skills trained necessary in general training of both my characters. So I’m not sure how the skill changes are going to affect what my characters can personally fly, since what I can fly is not something I really pay that much attention to really. Kinda why for me its all boring stuff.

Recent Ship Skill Completion for both Characters:

Oldest Character:

Primary Occupation: Scientist & T2 Inventor/Industrial Manufacturing/Trader/Explorer.

  • Battlecruiser V
  • Destroyer V
  • Advanced Spaceship Command 5
  • All Ships that are Sub Capital Ships (except Tech 3) or up to Including Battleships level all trained to lvl 4 at minimum. Only exception if I can remember correctly is the one for Heavy Interdictor which requires me to train Propulsion Jamming V. And that’s not even that exciting skill training to look forward to before I can be done with Ship Training for a very long while.

If i don’t go ahead and train Propulsion Jamming V then it be back to trying to finish up training for Tech 3 Construction of which I need to devote a full 85-90 Days to be able to fully construct the Tech 3 Hulls. Unless I have to detour onto something else.

Younger Character:

Primary Occupation: Trader. Part time T2 Inventor/Producer & Industry.

  • Battlecruiser V
  • Destroyer V
  • Advance Spaceship Command 5
  • All Ships Sub Capital Ships (except Tech 3) up to Battlecruisers level all trained to lvl 4 at minimum.
  • Caldari and Amarr Battleship 4

After that be back to Science and Industrial Skills.

But that’s pretty much training for the last several months. And not sure what changes to the recent posted skill plan will affect. If anything my oldest character will be closer to flying an Orca best I can tell.


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