More Interesting Times Ahead

Well we now have a NOTEC Cartel by HBC affecting Neodymium, to counter CFC OTEC with Technetium. I’d only heard of that Neodymium a few nights ago with some buzz chat in Traders Lounge, but I wasn’t all too sure what it was about. NOTEC Cartel will be affecting Nanotransistors supply and that’s certainly interesting it that its going to really affect T2 Production. T2 Ship prices are going to either go up or profit margin on T2 are going to be slim pickings.

My experience with Nanotransistors is in making T2 Components for making T2. I usually always make all my needed components myself. Making any the 4 Racial Microprocessors that goes into making a lot of T2 items is some the most expensive components that make up that entire T2 Module/Ship as components. And all that is made from some expensive Advance Moon Goo material known well Nanotransistors. I often choke when I look at the raw materials I have to buy to make Microprocessors, expensive stuff. You pay for it in the end.

It takes lots of expensive Microprocessors to make a lot of T2 Modules/Ships and that’s a good portion of the cost depending on item. Well there goes the 12 Guardians I had planed to make before I had to eventually source my supplies to make all them components.

Interesting times ahead I dear say.

4 thoughts on “More Interesting Times Ahead

  1. I wonder if this plan will work as well as the HBC hopes.

    For a cartel to work there needs to be some control over the supply to the market as well as an agreement among producers to keep prices high.

    Some of the producers, even in the HBC are pretty well committed to selling. For example Tribal band is almost entirely dependent on selling Nanoresistors to remain solvent.

    I’m not sure that “don’t sell your neo” is going to work for many of the alliances in HBC some of which are quite space-poor.

    In addition we’re going to see Goon market manipulators actively working to push the price down. The old deep undercut with 1 unit trick might be used and similar tactics. Or Mynna might write an article on the explaining how anyone can make infinite neo in their bathtub out of old shampoo bottles and cardboard. Oh wait, he has:


    1. Mynnna AKA: Corestwo is a very slick guy and savy guy. I know he’s on the inner circle of the Goons Economic Cabal. He can likely make such an argument of making Neo in your bath tub and make it sound really very convincing.

      I’m not sure how the HBC thing will work out, I don’t keep a check on the politics way out in Null on all the players. Either way its all interesting development and who knows what next as a result of this.


      1. If I’m right Neo will crash. If so you’ll see it become very cheap in about a month’s time as speculators all try to get out of the market. That’s when to buy.

        If one takes 35k as the unmanipulated price (about where it’s been for most of the last 12 months) then keep an eye on the market and buy when it goes under 28k would be my advice. It’s currently at 66k.

        We may also see related crashes at the same time in Neo derivatives such as Fermionic Condensates and (to a lesser extent) Nanotransistors.


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