Busy but Noting Interesting

Haven’t had a lot of time to get around New Eden recently, obviously. But some the stuff that I was up to recently.

  • Spent quite a bit of ISK more than usual recently acquiring all the other BC BPO’s that was not in my BPO Asset Collection to complete my BC set. As all the other sets of BPO up to that level were previously completed some time back and all BPO Researched. Except these new ones. A bit late to acquire but stuff to spend ISK on.
  • Updated lots of Regional and Interregional Market Orders. Lots and Lots of Competition everywhere on the market in the niche market I’m in. Somehow out of the blue they just start showing up. But that’s another story, so you can see EVEHermit on that one.
  • Bought up some 3 Billion ISK in Mineral Reserve for every day use stock to build stuff. Was intending to build some BC’s for coming Teircide. But I’ve had my reservations about doing so. Still I’m a part-time builder of stuff so I’ll need minerals anyway regardless to do stuff with.
  • Have some Market Buy Orders I had up to… buy BC cheap where I’m not building them and well resell them for profits. So far its been going well, modest little profit. Just something else in the ship flipping business.
  • Container was something I speculated in for Retribution Teircide, I just never talked about it as I had invested ISK into acquiring ALL the New Container BPO’s, did quick PE Research, No ME Research required just so your aware, except on one I remember. But had Invested some 350 M ISK or so into various ones and has them seeded in various locations in various regions. At this point ive made all my money back and have containers all over the place. They sell slowly but it adds up over time.
  • Almost all my Cruisers I build from Retribution have just about all sold and made ok profits. Got about a few of the Minmatar Logistic T1 that remain yet unsold, but nothing for me to worry about. It will sell eventually.
  • Nothing exciting really, its Market and Trade it’s not like it has Big Explosions and Pew Pew to talk about and make it sound exciting. But it’s all Market PVP.
  • I did cost that guy in Caldari Space who moved in on one my item lots of ISK moving into my Station. Trade Wars! We both suffered in profits under the same station roof. But it was a good slow fight as it was not about making profit as it was about making the other guy suffer. There was no Wallet Mail to talk about. Trade Wars are allot quieter.

9 thoughts on “Busy but Noting Interesting

  1. I imported a small number t2 items weekly but after a few weeks suddenly some competition showed up. So I left the market alone for now while hopefully my old stock will sell over time.

    Still too many ships available locally below current build prices so switched to ammunition, probes, scripts for the most part. Small numbers but it does add up over time.


  2. I too have been coasting lately. Sometimes I login and just put a few BPOs into PE research just so I can pretend I’m doing something useful with the slots.


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