Happy Anniversary to AD: 3 Years on WordPress

Wordpress Anniversary

I got that curiously looking notification from WordPress that this blog has reached its 3 year anniversary. It kinda stunned me for a few seconds while I curiously looked at the notification and pondered a bit thinking and realizing I had no idea that I’ve been blogging on WordPress this long. But much kudos to WordPress for taking the time to make me aware, as well reminding me of something quite important. I’d likely not have remembered. So I figure why not make a blog post about it right? Ok then.

My first blog post ever started on April 8th 2007 as I was playing WoW. So I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years, and to think I had fears and doubt I’d make it past my very first month blogging. Blogging was still much a new thing back then, but it was my way to chronicle the time I spent  playing the game and seemed at the time like something interesting to do. I didn’t have allot to say starting a blog and I had no idea if i’d even last doing it, but I was willing to keep at it no matter what until I found my footing. I never thought I was ever that good a writer, I can bet you my high school teacher could verify that. I just never liked English, but I excelled at everything else. And so other than just blogging about playing games, it was also an exercise in practicing my writing skills to try to get better and formulate my thoughts into ink. So it was something interesting and fun to do as an extension of my gaming.

3 years ago I was burned out playing WoW. After years of dedicated Tanking one day out of the blue just woke up and cold turkey quit the game. Just like that year of playing a game every single day almost was over… and so was pretty much blogging about it as well.

looked around the MMO landscape for something new get into. I had a great love of all that things Astronomical about Space so a Space MMO appealed to me. I started a new AD blog here on WordPress and for all intended purposes ditched my old blog over on Blogspot. And as I played STO for a while at launch about 2-3 months I blogged about it here on the new blog. But quickly reached the end of that game and got bored and quit though it was fun while it lasted… and so too was blogging about it. This blog was meant to be a new MMO Blog. I just happen to be a focused gamer in the games I play, so i’ve been stuck at playing and blogging about EVE mostly.

Having just played a space MMO on round one, I was set and more receptive for trying out EVE Online on round two and maybe blogging about my adventures playing EVE Online as well. My only real attraction to EVE Online… is it was a MMO set in Space and was curious about it! If EVE Online was set in a fantasy world, It’s more than possible I would have ignored it and I can say that after almost 3 years playing it as well. Space was something I liked and always interested me! And that’s how the journey of me playing a few various MMO’s and this Blog all ended up at WordPress and playing EVE Online. Keeping the same blog name as a carry over from WoW and keeping all my content. It’s a good thing as a gamer and blogger to be able to leave a game, any game and have a good enough generalized blog name that you can retain as you move on to any other game without it directly reflecting the game you were once tied to or played. And I guess over the years I’ve accepted my blog name as we are both one, since in every game I play there exist the character as well which I create.

So from all my previous blogs I have archived all their previous blog posts from the old AD Blogspot Blog. The other Wordpress Blog from playing STO and I decided to archive the content as well though only 30 posts on that one. But they all reflect my time playing and writing about the games I played and something to be proud of in effort.

When I left playing previous MMO’s one the thing I wanted to do was to play more MMO’s as a variety. I’m a gamer first and I’m married to no specific game. The sad part is we live in an era of gaming with not much variety or interesting and unique games to play. And I picked up playing and blogging about playing EVE to chronicle my EVE adventures 3 years have slowly gone by and I’m still playing EVE Online. That was never intended! I should Nerf that! But there is just not that much appealing games for me to play as well enjoy blogging about with my blog as my companion.

I just try to enjoy the games I blog about. I keep it more on the positive end of thing. I’m not the kind of blogger that loves or enjoy blogging about pessimism or do I go out my to blog that way. Neither am I the kind of gamer and blogger that seeks the attention lime light that some bloggers so desperately crave. To be popular you either decide to be controversial, highly opinionated in your views and outlook, or you have a high output of high quality written content for readers to read. I choose a long time ago not to fall into any of those category’s, as I rather play the game I play and blog about the things that happen as I play the games I play. And without burning out myself.

And I guess for that over time I survived my first months blogging then onto my first year, likely my most productive year as well. I have survived writing under the same blog name for almost 6 years with 3 of those years writing on the old Blogspot Blog. 3 years now using WordPress. If I don’t get bitter like many the bitter veterans in EVE I’m sure to survive another year with WordPress and likely keeping it positive.

If you ever thought about blogging, you can easily start a game blog using WordPress. Even if you think you have nothing to say… if you keep at it, you will likely survive the vast majority of blogs that ever get started with good intentions that mostly flame out in their first few months. You want to be good, but you also want to be around for a while hopefully. It’s a bit a longevity contest as well blogging.

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to AD: 3 Years on WordPress

  1. Congrats – although WP holds the bar fairly high to wait 3 years to acknowledge your longevity! I would imagine the average blog stops within months.

    (I started blogging in October 2004 – from the time my wife was pregnant with our first child. While it was done in part to share the journey with our friends and family who are spread all around the world, the main goal was to be able to create a record for our kids. The endurance to keep at it came down to writing it for myself, and using the posts as a way to gather my thoughts, something you don’t always put aside time for.)


  2. “The endurance to keep at it came down to writing it for myself, and using the posts as a way to gather my thoughts, something you don’t always put aside time for”.

    That’s so true it can’t ever be stated enough!

    I started as a way to write for myself, if only to put my thoughts in Ink and be able to 2-5 years in the future look back… sometimes. To be able to look back and see from whence I came or what my thoughts were back then that may have helped to slowly navigate me to where I am in that day and time. That’s all and how it started and as a way to help another player and reader play or learn the game. And fortunately back then when I started the few readers I had always told me when I had doubts in those first few months to keep writing for myself and that I enjoyed writing for myself. Because if you don’t enjoy writing for yourself, you surely aren’t gonna enjoy it writing to others. Its also easier to blog when you have a more positive attitude.

    Plus my reason also was just to chronicle my times, my adventures in whatever the game, track my moods and shifting thoughts as they happen over time. Yet while at it lend some perspective to the things i’m also doing that may or can help someone else in time.

    The person I feel most thankful and grateful to about blogging is a guy who had a blog from the UK at the time who’s blog i used to read and inspired me be back then. He was always helpful to answer my questions playing the same game. That person no longer blogs on the same blog, his hobby blog and have years ago deleted it. But he blogged at the time, long enough to inspire me to want to do the same. And I just kept at it long enough to have influenced someone else i’m more than sure and helped some gamers make their way in the games I’ve played or start their own blog as well.

    To look back, the road to 3 years of blogging on WordPress and about 6 years overall is littered with many hundreds of now dead blogs I’ve read along the way, more than i can remember. Yeah true the vast majority of those blogs flame out in their first year left alone first 6 months.

    But its still good to start a blog, you never know where a person can end up with it as it morphs and change along the way. They could become the next Jester maybe and even if they only half as good, they can have great influence on readership they attract. If anything you’ve documented the time in ink over a long period of time.


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