Changing up the look of things

Just trying to play around with changing up the look of things as well moving links here and there and adding a widget or whatever here and there after the same look on the blog for almost 3 years. I’m sure you will spot things around the page as I find new WordPress tools to play with.

I like having a clean, minimalistic look on the blog that’s somewhat spacious and easily readable. Not a fan of having Ads anywhere on the blog either to take up space.

So just playing around with different WordPress Themes if you see the blog looks a bit different. May just be trying to figure out which Theme I might enjoy changing to. WordPress have quite a few new ones, so kinda nice to try out something new and fresh in look.

I always liked having pictures on my blog or from in-game screenshots, I’d like to find a good theme that kinda go with that. Problem I’ve seen so far playing with a few free ones from WordPress is that you can get a really cool look for the blog… but you lose not being able to retain your sidebar on the blog with all the links to various blogs and such. And don’t quite like that tradeoff. But will see what I can find.

I’ve been thinking for a while about maybe commissioning Rixx Javix to make me one or two or three Theme variation for the blog header that kinda reflect my blog.




  • That looks really cool – and not unlike a large bloodshot blue eyeball…

  • Thanks so far… work in progress. I think it may take a while tinkering with the blog site, theme and maybe revamping it a bit to update things. As well attempt to make it… more easily readable and spacious.

  • Does the picture at the top change often? Is it drawing images from a library of images based on screenshots you’ve taken?

    • The header Images at the top can and “does change often”.

      I didn’t know it myself until i was going about revamping the Theme. Not all WordPress Themes have a changeable header. I think its called a “Flexible Header” feature. Its using this Theme:

      It was only when I was configuring the Theme and making the Header that I noticed instead of having just one Header I can in fact have many Multiple ones. As well there is a feature to have them change at “Random” after a few seconds by the theme or if you do in fact refresh the page or go to another page the header can and will change or rotate picking one randomly. I actually like that feature which I wasn’t aware this Theme had.

      Yes the Theme Header does draw from an image list if you have images in your blog media library and you can select to use and then clip the part of the image you want. I take screenshots by the many so I have many to select from thats loaded. Many more not loaded on the PC.

      So from all the Images I have had uploaded for the Blog in Media/Gallery that i’ve either used before or just had in Gallery I just clipped various good looking ones and made background of space headers from the good in game images. As EVE is quite rich if having a very photographic background of everything in space it made quite nice having photo screenshots and clipping them for a variety of headers to use which become new media library images in the blog.

      For this theme it seems you can make as many headers as you want and then keep the option set to Random, it will rotate them randomly, often or on page changes. Quite Cool I think. Or if you want to… keep it static.

      • I think it’s very cool and you’ve implemented it nicely. Good job.

        • Made a new blog post thats up about the Theme Changes. It took quite a while as well.

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