CCP Clarifies Miscommunication on POS System

CCP Responds to POS Issue

CCP Seagull responds and try’s to clarify CCP’s position on the POS System threadnaught. Took 2355 comment postings to get a clarification. What took them so long.

Will have to wait till late February to get any future plans on the system. I don’t really have high hopes CCP can jump that high a bar and deliver an awesome system that would likely be spread out over several expansions. It would be a huge task to undertake and complete no less.



  • I suspect “clarify a miscommunication” is management speak for completely change what we were thinking of doing but I’m happy to see this U-turn (or clarification if you prefer).

  • No much of a clarification really. In the past CCP already stated they know the POS system needs attention. This clarification says they still can’t promise anything but it has their attention.
    Before the minutes were released CCP Unifex already released his second decade vision statement moving to themes instead of focusing expansions on a single feature.

  • Yeah i’dd more agree that CCP is not making any promises but more like clearing things up just a little bit in saying it has their attention and just a bit more about what was considered if any previously but their thoughts on it wasn’t quite made clear. And so things could of clearly come across wrong.

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