Modular Starbase Design Planner & Mockup

I recently came across an EVE Blog… like a few hours just randomly reading a few new ones. And this blog had a very nice piece depicted and written by a player about 6 months ago it was written. But it’s as relevant as anything else today in EVE in the grand discussion of the POS miscommunications by CCP and any possible future reiteration of the POS System as a whole by CCP. As in short its CCP’s communication that any POS revamp will only affect very few players.

So I came this blog piece on Modular Starbase Planner Mockup inked by Evelgrivion on his blog: Thoughts on New Eden.   I couldn’t exactly re-blog it here so I’ll just link to it, as it be a shame to have a blog piece like that remain somewhat hidden away from viewing by a wider audience for some consideration. I was just happy to have found it and think of the possibilities.

If you have any comments to the article piece, please make it on his blog.

Quite often other players write better stuff and i’m more than happy to link to it from here.


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