Busy Reading CSM Minutes…

Been busy reading them newly published CSM Minutes since last evening. Haven’t had much time to play EVE as a result or just logged in doing nothing while reading the minutes. Fell asleep, woke up around midnight to read some more all night. Haven’t done that in a while.

It’s a lot of interesting reading, if you aren’t reading some of it as well yourself to get first hand information.

So far I’m on page 57/118 and making notes as I read. Just started to read the Bounty Hunter Section…

Diving into the substance of the meeting, Solomon opened with metrics that the number of active characters with bounties has quadrupled (doubled when including all characters) and there is now 8 trillion ISK in the bounty system one week after deployment, an increase by a factor of 80. CCP is waiting till excitement from the deployment dies down to find the baseline but they are pleased with the response. Soundwave noted that despite the high volume of use, there hasn’t been big “breakage” yet. The general feeling is “so far, so good”.

Probably wont finish till tomorrow maybe…

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