Weather Report

The EVE Community at times seems to remind me of the Weather. You just never know what kind of day it will be or exactly how it will turn out. If can be quite unpredictable at times in forecast, as well can it change suddenly with a storm out of no where.

So things kinda reminds me of the Weather. Maybe you got a better idea?

Today was quite entertaining day reading some the more dramatic blogs across the community with all the Drama Storm blow up recently to end the week.

Just never know what kind of storms gonna blow up or roll in with this EVE Community. I neither at times understand the Weather nor the Community, both can be quite unpredictable.

Sure the next Drama Storm is well on its way.

Surely this is the most Entertaining of all MMO Communities and then some.


One comment

  • Have to love to sudden thunderstorms. 🙂

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