Thanks for all the Flags

My Blog Cluster Map Visitors for 2012.
My Blog Cluster Map Visitors for 2012.

From Dec 25th 2011 – Dec 28th 2012

Visitors: 29606 

Sometime you get amazed from just which corner of the world people find your blog. Though you may have no clear idea why or how they even found it and why they stop here on their internet travels to read it. I wish I knew who all those people were. They must be lurking in the shadows like the usual blog lurker.

Hey Thanks for visiting here throughout the year!

Whoever you all are, from all those countries. I’ve been to quite a few of them in my lifetime already though not all of them.

Top 3 Most visited Countries in 2012

1. USA  – 11329 (California Most visited State – 1662)

2. UK – 3192

3. Canada – 1729

Total Country Flags in 2012


Countries I’m still Surprised I’ve Clearly Never Heard Of

1. Isle of Man (IM)

2. Macau (MO)

3. San Marino (SM)

4. Guernsey (GG)

5. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (PM)

I guess I learn a little bit more World Geography finding out just where those places are I’ve Clearly Never Heard Of.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for all the Flags

    1. Yeah I was quite surprised having never heard of Isle of Man and Guernsey to find out their exact geographical location.

      Sad to say most Americans likely couldn’t find England on the Map. I surely believe they would have of thought of both Isles as England figuring they were both close enough.

      It was good to learn something new relating to geography even if I may never have to ever use the knowledge. I’m also more than sure quite a few others will get just a bit smarter learning a bit of geography as well.


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