Musing on the Holiday Gifts

Well, at least I didn’t get a lump of Coal or two like some of you. Two sets of presents down and one more set to go. Got the Snowballs and the Snowball Festive Launcher in the first set of presents and instead of trading those away, I think they are unique and decided to keep them around the hangar for a while.

In the 2nd set of presents that came out today I got the exact identical 9 or so items I think it was, on both my account. What are the odds of that? So much for the gifts being completely mixed and randomized. Well better something than no gifts at all at least. Though I really don’t find the great majority of the gifts useful it was a bit fun musing over them, their meaning and the sense of humor they may convey. So it was a bit fun having a bit of discussion in the Corp chat about some of the various gifts in todays package.

As for things that I would have liked in todays gift package, I didn’t get any of the just 2 items I really wanted initially. Ah Well. The 2 things I was more interested in was the Magic Crystal Ball and the Key Pass to Open the Door Blueprint. That’s the only 2 items I was more interested in. What I got in my gift pack was the Special Scanning Ship, the Implant and the variable gifts being a few of the New Eden Open Trading Cards, The Mini Monolith, Model of a Fighter, A Tank of Honor, think that was it. Looking them over I found no attachment to any of the items and couldn’t see reason to keep them to I happily put them up in station for sale all at 10 M ISK each with none other listed in region for any of them. Came back and few hours later and to my amazement they had all sold. Great!

During our discussion in Corp chat we all mostly mused about the various gifts for this year. My CEO had one the Crystal Ball among his gift sets and thought it be more right at home handing it over to me. So he contracted over to me a Magic Crystal Ball. How Cool! So was cool to get it from my CEO. It just more appealed to my profession and way of life in New Eden.

Magic Crystal Ball

I would have being happy with just the Crystal Ball among everything else. Its kinda funny the little things you can find interesting for odd reasons. I saw there was a Donut Holder, but unfortunately no Donuts have been found anywhere in EVE. I think CCP missed the opportunity to spark the Commodities Market by supplying either Donuts or a means to make them. A Donut Holder without any Donuts…

The other items I would have liked to have picked up was the Key Pass to Open the Door Blueprint. I might have to settle for just picking up the Key. Really what’s behind the Door? It’s cool to have the Key to the Door. But I like to make things and tinker with things so having the actual Blueprint to make the Key would have just being awesome. As well it would have added to my collection of Blueprints with a very unique Blueprint at that. Have you seen the material list on that Blueprint? It boggles my mind to have to get the materials to actually make a Key which would be quite expensive to say the least. Unfortunately no such luck so far spotting one of those Blueprints anywhere. My CEO apparently lucked out with his multiple accounts and actually got him one of the Blueprints. Gee how lucky. Did you get one?

While just fumbling around in Station I saw someone had just put up A Big Red Button 2 jumps away for 400K. I had kinda thought it would be cool to get that one item too. But I couldn’t help but think if I’m gonna depart with it, I’d sell it for higher than going regional price for profit-making so listed it for 15 M ISK. I really don’t care if it sells, as if it did I get 15 M extra ISK, if it don’t I’d still have a Red Button for vanity. And then I happen to notice someone put up a Magic Crystal Ball for 770K ISK. Go figure that, but hey I already got a Crystal Ball from my CEO. I immediately bought that one, and put it back up on market for 90 M, at least it was much lower than the ones that were at 200 M ISK plus. Be fun if it sells.

Overall I think CCP did  great job in mixing the gifts to capsuleers so everyone got something a bit different and making it more interesting. Traders and Market moves are busy trading these items and some buying and collecting. I think its good for the market in EVE as well add a bit more fun as some players collect their vanity items or collect card sets. It surely would suck somewhat on the market if we all got the same things even if most of it is useless mostly. At least I got my Magic Crystal Ball!

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