Retribution Preparation…Been Busy

Servers are currently down and when It comes back up soon it will be EVE Retribution expansion gone live. But preparing for expansion can be a lot of work for any Industrialist depending on how much you actually plan ahead to do or partake in speculation. So since the weekend my Trader Alt has been busy at work. He should have prepared a month ahead of time but somehow that didn’t quite work out activity wise.

One the monkey wrench that got thrown into things was the change in Skill Plan Training. Instead of training some Research Science skills on the Alt Trader instead had him training Battlecruiser from 4 to 5 to make use of the impending changes to the skill set with the coming changes to BC skills soon. So in less than 2 days my main will have trained BC 5 and in about 4 days my Trader Alt will have trained BC 5. A boring month for Skill Training, but still quite useful for multi skilled characters. But the consequence was that my Trader Alt who was intended to take over most day-to-day business operation from my main character, couldn’t quite fulfill some duties related to producing some T2 components as well producing the eventual T2 module. Main character was moving to WH Space so all assets some weeks prior was turned over to the Alt Trader including intentionally not listing any new Trade Orders on main character.

Acquiring minerals on Regional Buy Orders took some time as mineral prices daily kept going higher. I’ve learned over time that picking up mineral scattered all over a region is a waste of time and effort. Its allot easier to make a Station Order all in one place, covering an entire system or strategic station location covering a few good mining systems of at least 1 jump. That works for me. But its far better than buying huge blocks of minerals scattered across an entire region. A nightmare to eventually collect that often is. In the end I ended up paying miners wages in 3 systems and acquiring just over 2 Billion ISK worth of minerals for supply stock. It’s hard to build stuff as an Industrialist when you have no mineral stock to use to make anything. So I stocked up! And I was still short on getting enough Nocxium because I was refusing to up my Buy Order prices as Nocxium kept jumping higher in price also. My current Buy Orders were slow to fill with lots of competing Buy Orders, so earlier this morning while flying through Domain I spotted a fairly good deal of a buy on Nocxium and bought about 460K worth of Nocxium in Amarr as emergency reserve stock. At best I can use it if I run out. If not needed I can resell it for higher price.

With my Trader Alt not quite cutting the mustard on being able to make all the necessary T2 components and some T2 production I had to pull my main character out of WH Space exiting out in the Forge Region and make 18 jumps back to normal home base to kickstart some component and T2 production. Had the Alt over the weekend fire up the production lines that were idle for quite some weeks and make several dozen Amarr Cruisers on speculation that their mineral requirements were going to go up after the Retribution patch. Got that done and Ships now on market.

Speculated that all those shiny new Destroyers that were going to be made in masses will need new fittings. It can be allot to choose from as to what to make, but settled on making T2 Weapon Upgrades for Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar ships since I had T2 BPC’s already in stock. Invented some Weapon Upgrades for Gallente Ships since had none in stock. Made small T2 Turrets and Launchers for Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar ships since also had T2 BPC’s in stock reserve Invented some time ago. I had planned to make some T2 Laser Crystals and T2 Light Missiles, but knowing how long it takes to make a full batch of T2 Ammo Charges (2 Weeks) that was a no go. In the end I got mostly of everything I needed to make complete to some capacity. A few T2 Turrets didn’t get made due to length of time in Production. Didn’t want to tie up other lab space once the server goes live for Retribution or have carry over production in process on one character. But in the end that kept all 20 of my Manufacturing Lab slots running to full capacity all weekend long.

Then had to make a Jita run to pick up a batch of minerals that was sitting there that hopefully will be of some use making something. On the way there and back updated some trade orders across each region while in warp. As well bought up some secure container’s of various sizes since they will no longer be NPC sold post Retribution Patch. That cost me several hundred million ISK across several regions at key locations.

At this point all preparation for Retribution is now over and a bit of chaos to come making the new shiny Destroyers, modules and more.


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  • Good Luck! Have my first batch of 3 types of the new destroyers cooking, and the 4th set of BPO’s are just about to dock. Not sure there will be a huge profit in it, considering the effort and obvious competition, but keeping me amused.

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