Isogen… crashed?

Well it’s fun and interesting times in the Mineral Market whether your Buying, Selling, Trading, Re-Selling, Manipulating or Flipping minerals for profit. I guess it’s all apart of how us in the Market, Trade and Industrial sector can have some fun that’s different to those capsuleer’s completely obsessed with the blowing up spaceship for fun. I guess we generate in a way our own Profit and Lossmail through our Wallets by outselling the other guy or causing them pain when they have to endure a Market loss and it can get huge affecting lots of players across just one market region. But I’m no guru, far from it. I’m just playing the Market like everyone else regularly involved. So it’s a bit fun just watching whats happening with Isogen and other minerals over last few days.

I didn’t play EVE much last night, sleep felt so much better a thing to do after a long day at RL work. But logging in my Market Trader Alt early this morning say the Market was way down quite a bit on Isogen. I have no idea how high it had actually gotten during the day before it dived down to around 160 last I saw on Sell Orders. Someone in the Traders Channel (SCC-Lounge) had said it had gotten up to as high as 256 before it kinda crashed. Either way its been a good source of excitement for Market Traders of different stripes all playing some small and large part in manipulating or pushing the prices either way. I guess if prices get high enough, people in other areas of EVE still sitting on huge reserves look at that as a good reason to courier their minerals to Jita and try to cash it in possibly for potential profits.

Someone (A Goon) in the Trade Channel  admitted they had over 230 Million units of Isogen they bought when Isogen was incredibly cheap. They admitted to sitting on it for Retribution expansion and was hoping the market with supply shortages went up even more to profit from it at an even higher price. That would be a huge amount of profit on just that one mineral! I had no where close to that kind of supply stock as a smaller time trader. But I did cash in on flipping Isogen as the price kept going up everywhere it seems most notably in Jita the biggest and most fast moving of markets in EVE.

I had remember back in the spring with Jita Burn when minerals were at an all time high back then, much due to the change to the Drone Lands nerf to Drone Compound reprocessing and mass market manipulation of mineral prices at that time. I remembered at the time after Jita Burn started taking a Huge Loss on high-end minerals as prices dropped as well Morphite when it ran up to around 19K at its height. Loss some 3 Billion ISK in potential profits as the market sank in minerals prices during Jita Burning. But that was not too much a big deal as it was far from wiping me out asset wise. But it was still a huge loss and the most of any market trade ever at that time. And so in remembering that past experience in EVE in the Markets as I bought up lots of Isogen in other regions, had it all shipped to Jita and just dumped it all on the market when Sell Orders looked good for modest profits and put it up on the market on Buy Orders higher than Sell Orders but lower than the then higher end price average. All of which had sold.

But whether Isogen goes lower or higher it will be fun to just watch and or participate in some way to help pushing it one way or another through regional efforts or Flipping it all in Jita as prices goes up higher. In the end it’s all about Profit, that’s why some of us trade and even that has its set of tears that can ripple across a Market Region. However in the end, I don’t plan to be left holding the bag if and or when prices crash to take huge losses. But I guess that’s part of the potential fun of playing in the markets in EVE, it can be fun without the explosions but that helps much. As it’s and endless circle of Supply, Creation and Destruction that drives everything in the market and most Market Players know that quite well.

As for Isogen Speculation, I’m not quite sure it has crashed yet or will rebound thats to be seen. I just know despite selling it for profit when things look good, I still don’t have enough reserve on hand of the mineral Isogen as well Nocxium and that’s with just over 2 Billion ISK of mineral on hand to build with for Retribution and more. Still 3 days to go before the Retribution patch. If you’re a Miner, it can’t be too bad and idea to mine some Isogen as well Noxcium for variety.

In Consideration of Past Expansions

Based on activity for me that crosses Market Trade and Industrial/T2 sectors of the Economy.

Crucible Expansion – Was quite Exciting times Industrially and Trade wise.

Inferno Expansion – Not all that exciting to say the least.

*Retribution Expansion – Incoming Expansion (Tuesday December 4th) seems to look quite exciting from a Trade and Industrial standpoint for activity of all kinds.

So what have you been up to in the Markets or Industrially in preparation for Retribution Expansion?



  • What am I doing? Training Destroyer V an BC V on my fighting alts, so they all have racial values at V when the changes go through. I may take some if my non-combat alts to level IV’s.

  • I expect minerals to increase in price next week, there’s always a late surge as people discover on Dec 4th they really want to build some of the new ship types. But the market is well aware of this and the price is already up. So after a small peak when the patch goes live expect minerals to reduce in price.

    I’ve actually been quite lazy on the industrial side as I’ve been busy pvping and ratting. I have plans in progress to make fuel blocks, T2 components and rigs but such ambitions always end up taking longer than expected so I’m still in set up.

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