Had my Trader Alt help wipe out a few regions buying up huge loads of Isogen and dumping it in Jita for profit. Wasn’t long ago prices are just around 100. Now prices are north of 233.00 per unit in Jita as Retribution speculation goes into more overdrive on mineral market and demand outstrip supply as some miners are still stuck on mining Ice. I made some decent profit, though nothing spectacular. But it helped push prices up in a few regions even more.

Isogen 2

I know Khanid Region earlier this morning was completely stripped completely and my region had not but just 2 orders left on market and even that’s unusual to be that low on market supply.

Hope you didn’t miss out on getting your stock for Retribution on minerals ahead of time as well as get some stock to make some profit on all the market run up in prices. Can’t hurt to find all that spare Isogen you got hidden around your hangar and do something with it like possibly cash it in somewhere. Nothing like cashing in on the market ahead of a huge expansion patch.

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