Interesting Points of View on the Community

Marc Scaurus first raises an interesting question about – The Future of the Community. I find the question quite and interesting one and had a few immediate thoughts about it. But I’ll have to take my time and ponder my thoughts about it and write a follow-up blog post about it. I’m my opinion it should be a Blog Banter Post but that’s my own opinion.

Kirth Kodachi who’s blog I was first reading earlier today had a related follow-up piece on his blog – The Blogging End Game which was partly in response to Rixx Javix  blog post also over on his blog – The Mittani Killed the Eve Community. That linked post by Rixx Javix was also in response to the original blog post first inked by Marc Scaurus above. I found all three blogs posts quite interesting in their views on the issue’s raised.

So in my reading earlier today just reading a few blog posts I read those 3 blog posts backwards all the way to the original source of the community view-point. And I have a few thoughts about all that. I just have to take the time to compile my thoughts and make a blog post of sorts.

And who said blogs were irrelevant ( I read that somewhere a few days ago about EVE) for linking all those posts I read earlier together to help spread and foster community discussion and opinions on the issue. I don’t think that’s what news site on and about EVE Online cares about. But things like this is what smaller blogs that are apart of the community backbone does or chime in with their 2 cents on a community view-point.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Points of View on the Community

  1. I hear you on the Blog Banter suggestion, but as the conversation is already in full swing, I don’t see the need. The principle behind the Blog Banters is to get the ball rolling on such cross-blog debates and raise awareness of each other’s blogs. In a perfect world, cross-community conversations like this one would happen organically more often and Blog Banters wouldn’t be needed.

    The fact that this topic is spreading without an official Blog Banter stamp is a very healthy (and ironic) sign in my opinion. I hope it happens more often.

    I’ve also chipped in with my two-pennies-worth and have been collating a list of all related blogposts – it’s a habit 😉


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