Pinpoint In Time, Skill Training Update

It’s been a while, I’m more than aware of that than anyone else here. But it’s just been good sometime to just play EVE or other games and not have to post anything much for a while just focused on playing whatever game I might be playing. Blogging is always a time-consuming affair! Yet things has continued to happen or progress in all that time as life in EVE is concerned. I didn’t really have a real point to this post other than to update somewhat where things are with training skills over the last several months in New Eden.

Skill Training.

I guess its one of the most persistent of thing’s that any capsuleer does in EVE and a somewhat measure of ones continued progress. Unlike how many EVE players have chosen to have many multiple characters specialized in various sectors of skills, I’d chosen a long time ago to have a character trained in whatever skills I choose as a focus of life in space. At times that can mean focusing on training certain skills for a while then shifting to shore up needed skills in other areas. At the moment I’m closing in on 44 Million Skill Points.

For much of last year the focus was on training R&D, T2 Invention skills and partly into the new year with some other Industry skills to support that effort. At the end of many months of skill training that left a lot of neglected skills to train in other areas that I just didn’t have time to train while training a lot of advance science skills. So for the next few months as I shifted skill training I devoted time to fill in gaps in various other skills in various areas though not necessary skills I exactly use much at the time. Yet skills I felt necessary to train as a Trade & Industrial capsuleer with teeth. Completed skill training in being able to use T2 Small/Medium/Large Turrets as well T2 Laser Crystals. Not that I’ve run missions or anything like that for a very long time. As well spent some training time shoring up various Gunnery skills to level 4 at least.

So the last 4 months or so have been training overall mostly more Ship & Combat sector skills. Though already had some minimal amount of Missile skills decided to finally go ahead and train up most Missile skills and trained a lot of the necessary and needed skills to lvl 4. As well training to use T2 Heavy Missile Launchers, T2 Heavy Missiles, T2 Rocket Launchers, T2 Rockets, Light Missiles. Also completed in what I feel for now is an adequate amount of training in Cruise Missiles and Torpedo’s. Trained Caldari Battleship to lvl 3 as well. All that consumed a bit of training time for someone that’s more Trade, R&D and Industry  oriented in focus. But it still felt good to have gotten the skills completed to have the ability to do other things in EVE to some degree of effectiveness.

Yet I can’t deny that spending the time training all those skills, filling in a lot of gaps in skill training though useful going forward was somewhat unexciting for normal day to day life for a while. And so likely had affected my mood in doing things around New Eden for a while. Obviously I’ve been in a different mood around here for a while as well.

More Skill Training continued in Electronics and Engineering to use and fit various PvP Modules to some effectiveness for various small ships. Again quite useful going forward but unexciting overall. But I felt they were necessary skills to have for a multi-skilled character.

In between all that time completed more training in the Spaceship Command sector on several smaller ship types up to cruiser level to lvl 4 including Interceptors, Interdictors, Logistics, Recon, Heavy Assault ships. Also been working on somewhat to getting all 4 Racial Empire Frigates/Cruisers/Industrial to lvl 4 of which only Gallente and Minmatar both remain at lvl 3 mostly. Just other training gaps on my checklist to fill when I can.

The big thing though overall was among all else was making time to finally being able to fit into the training schedule completing training on Amarr Cruiser to lvl 5. Have been trying to make time for quite a long time to getting that finally trained. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to finally training Caldari Cruiser from lvl 4 to lvl 5 or any the 2 empire cruiser skill. I feel a lot of it is a juggling act in skill training.

One thing that’s was on my Skill Training to do list for a while was to get Reverse Engineering and T3 R&D Science skills trained to lvl 4. So was quite happy to finally get those skills trained. Reverse Engineering T3 Cruisers and Sleeper Technology has always been of interest and have only now had time to complete the training juggling all the skill training.

And so the last skill to recently get completed was Target Painting lvl 4. Current Skill Training in queue is now Capital Construction 3 which should be complete in about 2 days. When complete that would allow building of Capital Ships such as Carriers, Fighters, Fighter Bombers and whatever else can build skill wise at that level. Being able to finally build Capitals like Carriers would be a great thing. As to when that would be exactly I’m not sure. But I have built the Wallet Funds thru Trade and T2 Industry over a long time to make the Investment in assets if and when needed. I’m likely to train Capital Construction at most to lvl 4.

Things I have meant to finally get around to training for a while and still need to fit into the Skill Training schedule is training Caldari Freighter from lvl 3 to lvl 4. As well training Command Center Upgrades 5 which would allow being able to rework and upgrade my PI colony setups. It has been a lot of back and forth training like that for the last 6 months or so taking a while to getting around to training various skills on a multi-skilled character. Takes time and patience to train various skills and a lot of that is just having the available skill queue training time.



  • Train Battlecruisers V and all racial cruisers @ III, it will be a long-term investment when CCP splits the BC skill into 4 racial ones.

  • It is really hard to juggle the skills with longer training times, such as lvl 5’s, because its hard to commit to one skill for so long while there are others that need to be trained also. Early on I was basically pure miner, and I still don’t have all my mining skills maxed out. I trained a lot of skills that were helpful here and there, but I’ve really gone all over the map skill-wise. Last year I couldn’t decide if I should train to be proficient at frigs or battleships. I like frigs for pvp stuff because of their agility and speed. I like battleships for things like missions and POS bashing/repping. l ended up making the decision to go full out on cruiser sized ships. They have the agility and punch enough to cover most of my major activities in Eve. I’ve stuck with the plan very well until recently, since I’ve decided to go back to rounding out mining skills.

  • Trying to train everything let alone some specific things take time. I’m not sure if I’ll get to BC V in training, that’s more a long term skill to train way down the road as to commit to training lvl V skills is a huge investment in time. Training lvl V skills unless its something that’s a pre-requisite to learning another more essential skill needed in the short term is harder to commit to when other more short term skills can be trained. As those skills do take up a good chunk of time.

    Eventually as things look good in having filled in many gaps in skill training for Combat ships and Fittings will shift back to getting on to solidifying skills in other needed areas of the industrial sector. Everything just take times.

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