Industrial R&D Update

So not really all that much have happened in EVE for a while and just haven’t spent all that much time doing anything that much. For what I’ve mostly done in the little time is just updating Trade orders and some minor amount of Industry.

Industrial R&D

Probably the most significant that have occurred over the last few months was finally being able to get my asset collection of 400 + Ships & Module Blueprint Originals all ME/PE researched to what I consider a competitive and decent level of research. That was a huge hurdle that’s been ongoing for a long time as Blueprints Originals get bought from time to time as well. Some were researched in High sec stations, many via contract research via a contract researcher and many others via POS.

As such I spent another 2 Billion ISK on sets of the various 4 racial empire Cruisers and Battlecruiser ship BPO’s to increase my assets of ship blueprints to research though mostly use for T2 Inventions. I was able to get all the purchased BPO’s ME/PE researched and now being copied for later use for T2 Inventions.

T2 Inventions

With numerous amount of BPC’s to burn, tried Inventing some Guardians.

Haven’t felt in the mood to really build and produce anything for a while so I haven’t built any as yet.

  • I had a Providence sitting around in my Hangar for a very long time, I decided to do something with it and try to Invent a T2 Ark jump freighter. That invention attempt consumed a lot of Datacores, expensive Decryptor and also ultimately failed in the invention attempt. Yeah that cost a bit of ISK on a failed attempt. Sometimes Invention is like that.
  • Bought a set of all three size Mobile Warp Disruptor BPO’s and got them researched.
  • What I never understood was why on all the invention attempt for Mobile Warp Disruptors on a full run BPC you get 5 runs on all the BPC’s Invented vs 10 which is normal on a full run module BPC? I never quite get that one.
  • Had gotten all my Mining Barge BPO’s (Procurer, Retriever) all full set copied several times with lots of BPC’s for T2 Invention. Purchased a lot of Decryptor’s for Invention use for inventing the T2 Barges. Invented a few multi run Mackinaw BPC’s, however had not gotten around to producing  any or Inventing any more of the mining barges. Just haven’t been in much a building mood for a while.
  • Had a lot of my Cruiser, Industrial ships BPO’s from all 4 racial empires all copied for T2 Invention. As well haven’t gotten around to making useful use of all those BPC’s.
  • As for PI, most my PI Planets have mostly sat idle for weeks on end. Just haven’t bothered to restart most of them for extraction processing. Currently stationed stocked with well over a Billion ISK in Planetary Material stock that was always intended for building Starbase Structures with my BPO’s. So recently at least I took some time to restart my P2-P4 PI Factory Planet to make it somewhat useful to start making some P4.

With all the BPC’s from my entire collection of BPO assets already copied for T2 Invention use, I’d say I probably have enough T2 work I can do for well over the next year and beyond and that’s without copying anything new going forward at all.

For several weeks now that’s just been the state of my Industrial R&D efforts. No real goals other than to complete the BPO copying efforts and no real goal to do anything big. For Winter the only preparation made so far was copying some BPO’s for possible Invention use that I think might be useful for coming Winter changes in EVE. Otherwise no real preparation so far for EVE coming Winter changes as yet.

I think overall I’m still in a bit of EVE rut in my mood about EVE and the community as well an Industrial R&D rut as well.



  • Thats coz it’s darned hard to get excited about industry… once you’ve invented a T2 BPC… you’ve invented a BPC. Now, if you got something unexpected now and again, THAT would be interesting.

  • Yeah, it can be hard at time to get excited about some industrial efforts when you’ve invented things many times over.

  • There’s insufficient surprise in invention, tbh. Adding a little dash of the same anticipation you get hacking into a radar site would make a big difference.

  • Even then, there are only four different decryptors and a lot of dross to find. Industry as a whole needs a look imho. Where would you even begin to start…?

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  • Reblogged this on Gigable – Tech Blog.

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