No I haven’t quit EVE, not dead either.

It is sad seeing you struggling to find your “EVE mojo” – being disenfranchised by the volume of trolling and drama around EVE at the moment. – EVEHermit

Certainly haven’t had much EVE Mojo for a while now and haven’t yet found it. I’m sure to let you know when I do. I just haven’t really felt like writing anything much here so I’ve just left it as is. But I guess it’s probably better to write or say something at some point which can be better than not saying anything for weeks ongoing.

So I’m just not playing much EVE Online at the moment (I didn’t set any goals for EVE this year either). More like more time spent overall just playing EVE Offline reading some EVE blogs, skimming some other blogs to stay up to date on EVE’s happenings, EVE Dev blogs and everyone else’s 101 opinions on coming Winter Crimewatch & Bounty Hunter system changes. I don’t really care to have any opinion on any the changes either way, I’m just not that opinionated.

EVE Online right now just continues in maintenance mode with my accounts. Mostly its just logging in to queue Skill Training and do some BP Copying and ME Research. If I feel like it maybe update some market orders, even doing that can feel like a pain to try to do as they cover multiple regions.

For the most part right now, just playing a few different MMO’s casually with my multi-gaming guild which is overall quite relaxed fun. As well enjoying having some variety in my MMO gaming diet. Helps to avoid catching bitterness syndrome.

Despite the fact I’m not currently playing much EVE, coming Winter changes still seem overall awesome.



  • It’s perhaps pedantic but I find the casual use of “I’m not dead” mildly disturbing. It’s not just you, Mittani had to defend himself on Lost in Conversation recently from allegations that he was dead.

    People do die. The Eve community recently lost a player under particularly tragic circumstances. It seems ghoulish to be so flippant as if you assume we assume that you not posting for a month means you died.

    • This guys a dick grow up little troll boy.

      I have too of late had a bit of eve burn out, but I decided to try wh’s and have to say has really got me interested in eve again, you should give it a poke 🙂

  • Though you are probably right, I can’t say either of those two things you mentioned were close to mind at the time when I was thinking of maybe making a post. I used what came to mind at the time. Yeah I probably could have used a different title for the post in hindsight.

    As for the Mittani part you mentioned in “Lost in Conversation” thats not something I have any knowledge of either. I’ve not kept up with that kind of EVE happenings.

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