Making some T2 Mining Crystals


I didn’t really plan to make any Mining Crystals II. Except that when I though of all the Mining Barges and modules getting sold on the market and all the mining going on everywhere it seems well maybe allot more Mining Crystals II are being sold as well. I’m not really sure how profitably they would be to make at all either. I just know coping any the T1 Mining Crystals BPO’s takes forever and a lifetime to copy and just never seem worth it or bothered ever making any to invent to say the least. It turned out that I had headed to Jita to pick up something, rarely that usually is these days heading to Scum City. So while there in Jita picking up something, though about maybe picking up some Mining Crystals II from the market for the Retriever Mining Barge since well I can only now just use T2 Crystals in the Strip Miner.

Somehow I decided for some odd reasons to look up Mining Crystals II BPC’s on the contracts market as I know they get produced often by T2 BPO producers and often sold on contracts. Recognizing T2 BPO Mining Crystals BPC on contract is obvious they all have 100 runs. They were several multi-packs on contracts for various sets of BPC’s all at 100 runs and most by a sellers name I had recognize before. Some long time ago it seems I had bought from this seller a T2 BPO copy of T2 Mining Drones BPC at 100 runs which was the first T2 I had ever made some long time ago. Apparently this person must either possess and sell quite a few T2 BPO copies as BPC’s on contracts. After doing some rough mental analysis I decided that it could only be easier than having to copy all those same T1 BPO’s which takes forever to copy for some odd reasons and also invent that many.

So looking over the Mining Crystal II BPC packs I picked up a multi-pack on contracts, one which looked like a High sec BPC pack and two other BPC of Mining Crystals II of minerals I know you can find in High sec Gravimetric sites. That was an investment of about 88 Million ISK to try things out. A bit unusual for me as an Inventor buying someone else T2 BPC as well and the most ever spent on any T2 BPC as it was. While looking over the BPC and in Jita I figured I was going to need some T2 Moon Material to make the various Mining Crystals II. Only 1 material was needed, so I did a quick rough guess about how much was needed and bought that much material. Packaged everything for transport and headed out of Scum City.

Looks like a decent amount of production runs.

Back at the hangar I searched through my stash of BPO assets and found my original researched collection of which I have the entire set of all the Mining Crystals BPO’s. I guess I now need to make at least 100 each of all the ones I had just bought the T2 BPC for to use as components to eventually produce the T2 module.

Time to make some T1 Mining Crystals.

That was relatively simple I just needed lots of Nocxium. Had quite a bit of that mineral sitting in my hangar. Eventually had to source the market and buy up the rest that I needed. A minor bit of transport logistics.

After a few hours of making all the T1 Mining Crystals It was time to produce the T2 version.

Not all that much material compared to most other T2 to make.


Since I regularly make T2 modules of various sorts, already had lots of R.A.M components to use. So it was just easy to throw the T2 BPC print into an available factory slot and set each of all the 100 run Mining Crystal II BPC’s into production. Time to manufacture about 15hrs or so.


After calculating all my cost with each individual BPC, Materials, T1 Mining Crystal Component I figured up my base cost. Checked the regional market and based on my production cost I figured I cold make a little decent profit having invested in the T2 BPC Multi-pack. In every Invention or Production of things I normally learn something new and that knowledge to me is always invaluable. Knowledge gained in such process to me has some ISK value and become part of collective knowledge. Though I figured I could make an eventual profit on selling the Mining Crystals II, not all the Mining Crystals I calculated are all that profitable or to the same degree. Then again, they weren’t all that hard to make either. But some Crystals were clearly more profitable than others.

Yet overall the profits I could make having producing the batches of Mining Crystals II almost pale in comparison to what I can make on almost every other T2 Module I usually make due to market competition and location. But Profit is still profit, which is better than none at all and more stuff to sell and keep business at my system station. In the end I got a few extra Mining Crystals II for my Retriever Mining Barge and rest put on the market to get sold. Another whole category of T2 modules I can now say I’ve produced.



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