40 Million Skill Points and moving on

So I ‘ve reached the 40 Million Skill Points milestone.

I guess I should drop in from the ether and finally update my blog on my absence and whats going on somewhat as things progress slowly in the cold depths of space. Actually I’m just enjoying blogging more when I feel like than the need to, than be like the daily press and have some opinion of everything. That can be to time consuming and daunting a task  in EVE Online where stuff happens all the time ongoing. I rather just spend more time playing the game. It just mean I have more time to play EVE, play other games or actually sleep more vs writing a blog that consumes a lot of time even for a hobby.

So some days ago this past week my main EVE character finally reached and surpassed the 40 Million Skill Point milestone in EVE Online. I think I was skill training some level of Armor Resistance Phasing at the time when that occurred. And I guess it’s somewhat good to look at my small amount of progress finally passing 40 Million Skill Points. I remember back in the beginning of EVE I’d read so many blogs, some blogs of other fellow EVE Online players in the community and be amazed at them reaching 20, 30, 40, 50, 90 Million Skill Points and so on when I had so little and it seemed to accumulate so slowly. I used to wonder if I’d ever make it to that point level let alone come up with some dumb excuse wondering if it can ever surpass them as veterans and decide not to play EVE instead. I guess if you keep training skills it all adds up slowly over time.

That’s a lot of Skill Training and long way to go yet..

Having now surpassed 40+ Million Skill Points with 239 skills trained to various degree, all it really means to me is that my character can do various amounts of things somewhat adequately though not everything effectively. From doing lvl 4 Missions in certain ships, Exploration Skills, Transport Logistics, Planetary Interaction, Mining, Market Trading & Selling, T1 Manufacturing, Refining, T2 Invention, T2 Manufacturing & Production. That’s how I play EVE, more like a character that can do various things that I find of interest to me. But those skills don’t mean I can fly a lot of the many various ship classes in EVE, far from it. The amount of ships I can fly are not all that many compared to the amount of ships in EVE Online. But I can fly all the ones to do the things I need to do on a daily basis. Yet on a daily basis of all the ships I can fly in my hangar which are few I only use about 2 of them about 98% the time on a constant daily basis.

For the last month to three months it’s just been a mix of continuing to patch up holes in combat ship training, training various skills to at least lvl 4 from wherever they were to continuing to train needed Industry skills that feel somewhat neglected. In the last three months that accounted to being able to use T2 Launchers, T2 Heavy Missiles, lots of Missile Skills, Large laser Specialization skills to lvl 4, T2 Strip Miners & Mining Barge Skills, train Caldari Freighter to lvl 4, Train all the T3 Invention/Production Skills to lvl 3 so far and patching up other trained skills. I guess the issue with being a character that’s training as an all around character  is that it can take a while to train a lot of things within some balance having to train various skills in different areas and not just to do one specific set of things like flying combat ships only. But that’s how I choose to play EVE!

On Everything Else

It can sometime seem like the same old stuff as a Trade Industrialist, not all that much out of the ordinary is happening. Except that material stuff have been bought, manufactured and sold, some BPC’s Invented/produced and sold and profits are up by Hundred of Millions and Billions of ISK. Losses are way down and well that’s all a good thing too. Since the Mining Barge changes, have been busy making lots of Mining Laser Upgrades, Ice Mining Harvester Upgrades, Ice Harvester Accelerator Units, Strip Miners as well as Drone Damage Amplifiers and Caldari Fuel Blocks.

Only just a few of the pre-patch manufactured Mining Barges have yet to sell, but I haven’t worried much about them as it’s only about 4 or so that haven’t sold among all the other market assets to sell. Still not much of either a full-time Inventor nor full-time manufacturer and yeah sometime my manufacturing slots go idle. But that s ok and ok with it as not a slave to either of those things in EVE to have to keep them filled.

One comment

  • It is not uncommon to see the description “no wasted SP” on ads in the character bazaar. I chuckle at the thought of just how many wasted SP would be found on my Jack of all Trades, do almost anything build. I choose to play EVE the way you do – and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

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