Hot Modules

Since the patch it’s been a little bit more busy in EVE than of recent. Building lots of Mining Barge’s mostly Procurer’s & Retriever’s, at pre-patch mineral value and selling them like hot cakes. All my T2 Skiffs have sold and completely out of Invented BPC’s to make any more currently. Unless I get some BPC soon to make more but that’s a length process of making all the components as well and time-consuming. All my Mining Barges that were in the factory getting built are now on the market and in before the really huge flood finally arrives on market. I hear one player have over 10K Procurers in the factory being built at pre-patch mineral requirement. That’s a lot of those ships to flood the market soon and that’s just one capsuleer.

There is always the thing that preparation for change ahead of a major patch change can literally make you lots and lots of ISK. If you prepare properly, you can take advantage of things in a very profitable $$$ way.  I’ve found that to be true in my experience on every single expansion so far I’ve experienced in EVE.

Anyway all the new modules I’ve made have been selling fairly well and fairly fast at very profitable prices! Needless to say all my factory slots are slam full to capacity almost all the time making something to throw up on the market and take advantage of things until things calm down a bit. Even had to Invent more of some modules to keep up with the demand in multiple places of Trade as some regions look quite bare.

But if your of the Industrial stripe and making any the various and numerous modules that just about can be fitted on any the new mining barges in any of the slots you can make a decent return right now. Be it the new Ice Harvester Accelerator modules, Mining and Ice module upgrades, Strip Miners or Shield Rigs, you can just about turn a very decent profit as capsuleers go nuts and pimp out their new shiny ships for stripping the belts dry.

Right now Mining Barges and all the various modules for fitting those ships are Hot! So are the Profits as well.

4 thoughts on “Hot Modules

  1. Good stuff but I’ll add a slight caveat. Tech prices have tumbled. The prices of low end minerals are going to tumble when all these hundreds of new miners start lazing the roids. There’s an increase in supply for the fundaments of both Tech 1 and Tech 2.

    That means by all means make stuff that’s quick to make and will turn over fast. But don’t be left holding the baby with, say. 50 Hulks that roll off the production line in 6 weeks time as all Tech 1 and Tech 2 goods will be cheaper when the prices of finished products catches up with the cheaper cost of input materials.


  2. Low end mineral prices are already dropping, due to the 50% increased productivity of the Retriever, which most entry level high sec miners have been using.


  3. Yep, I’ve seen the drop in basic minerals in the high traffic regions of hi-sec, I think it was around 20% in Essence yesterday. God alone knows what it is now. It hasn’t affected rarer minerals and ore much, or the minerals from stuff that new, or new-ish, miners don’t mine. Isogen prices had only fallen by a few percent and Megacyte and Zydrine by less. Like I say. That was last night. Wait for this weekend when the Skiffs and Procurers hit low sec properly. I think we may see some carnage!


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