Some Pre Patch Mining Barge Sales

Invented Skiffs T2 Mining Barge Sales

Not really a lot of play time. But had Invented a few T2 Skiffs BPC a while back and just had them sitting around with all the other paper assets. With Mining Barge sales exploding I decided it was time to get all those paper Mining Barge Assets used up in a profitable way. So built all the ships from the nuts and bolts up component by component. Sold all of them as fairly fast.

Made a few Procurers and started selling them as well as they were profitable obviously. Made out well.

Had to source some minerals to manufacture some Retrievers and use up that BPC as well. In the end used up all the Mining Barge BPC’s I had sitting around and made out quite well ahead of the new Patch.

Made enough profits to have almost paid for a new Procurer BPO and a Retriever BPO asset. Not bad for really limited time play manufacturing and sales on just one item.

One comment

  • Still have a few more T1 Mining Barges left on market and several dozens already in factory ahead of the Parch today as manufacturing mineral cost likely to go up quite a bit on some T1 Barges.

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