Beating the System

Just Wow!

That’s what I call beating the system! Gaming and manipulation, playing the game or gaming it on a different level in the game than what most players are playing on. No wonder its many capsuleers personal perception (mine too) or belief regardless of the reality of truth or whatever else that a certain group is just about running EVE and laughing all the way to the ISK bank and rolling over in it.

To me in what I personally believe which is my own opinion, that is the real endgame in EVE/New Eden, beating the system and being able to manipulate it to your own gain or group gain. That to me is a whole different level of gaming to say the least, otherwise we are all just pawns in the grand scheme of things or someone else’s game. Gotta admire how some people play this game and the lengths they go thru to do it.

So I guess that may help explain part of the reason why some Datacores are now in the dumps for ISK value these days since FW revamp when Datacores were added vs Research Agent exclusive.

Update: Found the Official EVE Forum thread related to this exploit and manipulation as reported by EVE News24. Again Wow, just Epic!



  • Such is life in New Eden. This can’t last forever, or at least one would hope. Every empire is brought down by something, a force internal or external, but brought down it eventually is. Let us hope Goons are not an exception.

    Oh and another thing. I know this next thing I’m saying is what some call “to be a ‘grammar nazi”. (is that still politically correct to say? I apologize if not). But “irregardless” is not a word you should use in any context. Contrary to popular belief, there IS such a word, if only born out of common usage amongst the population. However, “regardless” (which basically means “without regard, heed or care” ) is the accepted and correct form of what you are trying to say.

    And so annoying ‘grammar nazi’ can be even more annoying, here are the relevant links:

    Sorry, it just irks me to see otherwise fluent and loquacious people suddenly come up with an incorrect word usage in the middle of what is a reasonably coherent statement.

    I’ll go back to my cave now. Thank you.

  • Hey thanks for pointing that out. I’ll be the first to admit, i’m far from perfect when it comes to writing and grammar so thanks for the correction. Blogging helps me to improve things.

    On another note I speak two closely related languages and i dare say in the other words get interchanged quite allot 🙂

  • I wonder if this gets classified as an exploit or not. On the face of it the underlying opportunity was provide by CCP’s mistakes. It did however require a lot of work, smart thinking, and making use of valid market manipulations. I hope it falls into the valid sandpit (now hopefully fixed) category instead of the ban / reversal of ISK category.

  • Dunno quite where this falls exactly as looks like took some clever work to do. But Goons appear to have some very cleaver hands at work on all kind of things all going back to the Ice Interdiction and everything else since they have made lots of ISK and riches in the background no matter what the front of the event was. This just the latest and a clever exploit/opportunity at CCP mistakes and profiting from it in a very huge way and everyone else in their organization that did as the ropes were all pulled while at it.

    In a way, I just have to admire this kind of work no matter how I may feel one way or another towards said group.

    If you checked the in game log in news you will see two updated news from CCP about patches to the exploit being fixed as a result of the Thread reveal about it all. Epic!

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