Random Prevailing Thoughts

One sometimes don’t always have complete control of just what your own mind will run off to think randomly when you just let it go for a while doing stuff. So in no apparent order of any kind just some random thoughts as I made my way around working and reading stuff today. All Just random thoughts from somewhere deep in my mind.

EVE is one Fucked up Universe! You think so…. Yeap!

CCP seems to be acting like someone else’s Bitch!

CCP seem to be rather good at Flip flopping lately as well.

Usually seem to takes forever for CCP to fix stuff in EVE. Yet only recently implemented changes seem to be fixed again in a rather Flip flop hurry.

Wonder why CCP is in so much a hurry to fix the stuff they recently Flip flopped on.

EVE is just full of layers and layers of all kind of Drama.

I hate my Boss and she’s one micromanaging Bitch!

Hmm haven’t seem my boss all day long either, now that’s unusual. That’s a good thing though. Every time I look around she seem to be standing in my damn shadow.

I’m really tired of doing this crap.

Nothing exactly fair or balanced about EVE. Yeah I know…

Not too much to read today except Jester.

Why the hell do I play this game again….

Hmm need to update the blog…

Lots of crap going on in EVE to write about… yeah but none of it I feel like writing about either. That crap always give me a migraine headache. Yeah your right about that.

Whats one good thing I can write about EVE lately…. I’m having a hard time with that one. Need to think more about that thought.

Lets check the EVE forums see whats happening…

Oh man, damn headache reading the forums and all them mega forum threads…

I think I need a really long indefinite vacation from this game. Yeah seriously!

Everyone seem’s to have an opinion on how exactly to fix EVE. Why does it seem as well that everyone with a fix idea seem to have an agenda as well.

People take this game way to damn seriously.

EVE becomes too real and gets taken way too seriously. It will get too real eventually when one day some has had enough and decides to whack someone else they don’t like in Real Life over it. Yeah no shit!

Need to quit at some point. Plus I’m finding it hard to usually think about anything I’m really excited about. Why am I still playing again…

This game occupies way too much of my thoughts. Word.


One comment

  • It is sad seeing you struggling to find your “EVE mojo” – being disenfranchised by the volume of trolling and drama around EVE at the moment. I believe I understand where you are coming from – I’ve taken to ignoring the forums and comments on various EVE blogs, and just focusing on amusing myself in game.

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