Quote of the day: Who will stand up for you?

Even bloggers read blogs and lots of them I’m sure of most. So read quite allot today, and I couldn’t personally agree more with another blogger’s quote I came across over at Fiddlers Edge written by Mord Fiddle. An excellent blog to read I would say as well.

As I wrote in ‘Logoi’, whether or not I agree with, or even like a the bloggers Mittens is trying to silence doesn’t matter. 

If Mittens is allowed to silence or drive out the Yukis, Jades and Mabricks of New Eden, who will stand up for Jester, Rixx, Marc Scarus and Mord Fiddle when he comes after us.

We bloggers stand together, or we’ll fall separately.

What I personally believe don’t really matter much. But that statement by Mord is something I know I completely agree with myself as someone who also exist within and is apart of this community. Sad as well to see the White Rose Conventicle blog is no more as well, that’s a choice by the author and that’s certainly something I can understand as well.



  • Interesting reading those comments. How do EVE bloggers actually stand together though?

  • Evehermit asks a question I will answer shortly

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