[Movie] Prometheus

I like Ridley Scott Movies most of them, I’ve been a long time fan. Grew up watching many of his movies that had an effect on my imagination growing up. But I guess that’s just part of some the many reasons why I life Science Fiction and Sci-Fi Movies and an interest in many things Science related.

As well its part of why I love Space Movies. Endless possibilities… to fuel one’s imagination of the future.

I actually enjoyed seeing the movie Prometheus that opened this weekend. Yes, could have been better still though. But they just aren’t many space movies these days and even less good ones get made as well. If you haven’t seen the movie I think its worth watching. Especially if you’re not the kind of person that have very critical opinions of every single movie they watch.

But I enjoyed the Movie! I’m not gonna tell you about it, that be just a spoiler! But I’m just left with lots of questions after watching the movie which is interesting to where they lead or go unanswered.

And I’m just hoping Ridley makes a sequel to Prometheus and fill  in some the yet unanswered questions, sooner than later. After all he’s around 74 yrs old. Time is ticking… and I like good Sci-Fi Space Movies.

Hope you at least enjoyed the movie as well.



  • So jealous of people who saw this! Finding time to go to the movies when you have a three-month-old is kinda tough these days, unfortunately. Hopefully at the end of this month I can convince my parents to babysit and my husband and I can go out to finally watch this. Thanks for posting no spoilers.

  • I hear ya. Yeah get the parents to baby sit!

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