Will CCP Protect the Miners?


As I remarked in my last post, the Goons have announced that they will continue indefinitely the bounty system on Exhumer kills that they introduced for Hulkageddon.  In a comment, Ardent Defender (https://ardentdefense.wordpress.com) asked me what I thought CCP would do about it.

It seemed a simple question – but I managed to spend an inordinate amount of time writing up a complicated answer.  In the end I had to turn it into a blog post.

To be frank – I am not a fan of suicide ganking someone in Empire just for the reward of tears.  I can’t fathom how people get so excited and proud of themselves over what is a relatively unskilled act that generally costs them more wealth than they gain.  Equally, I have just as much distain for those who humiliate themselves with the most cringe worthy rants of despair or anger after…

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  • Any comment to this post, please post it to EVEhermit’s Blog in the linked blog post there.

    • Thank you for the reblog. I had a 6 fold increase in readers over the last couple days, most from here. I blog for self-therapy – so instead of getting frustrated or annoyed, I try to break down an issue into something I can understand for what it is. The extra comments on the blog, brought about by you, helped in that process.

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