DUST514 Beta Key giveaway..

So I have an extra DUST514 Beta Key…..

I’m not going to even try to be creative about it, too much a waste of time. It’s going to be this simple.

First person that ask me here for it wins!

Must have an EVE account for me to mail you the Beta Key info in game to your character.



  • Me me!

    • Blake Armitage

  • Lol, damn you are fast, I guess you just Won!

    • Well I was sitting at my computer with gmail open. I subscribe via wordpress.com so I get email updates whenever you post.

  • I guess subscriber eventually comes in handy at some point eventually lol. You just never can tell.

    So I guess I just send it to “Blake Armitage” in game. Will get the Key Redeemed in a bit and send it to you within the next 30 mins.

    • Sounds good.

  • Just sent the Beta Key info in-game, so you should have received it. Good Luck and have fun.

  • CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! Touche Blake I envy you.

  • And to think I only missed it by a few hours.

  • fuck dam SHIT BAWLSS!*!*!*&!%!(!**

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