Perspective on PvP and battles in EVE

I’ve read his stuff a long time all the way back in the WoW days and I don’t always agree with the guy. But I still read his stuff and find it interesting if even to look at things from a different angle. Some days I agree on some things and some days I think differently. But he thinks way differently on most things on just about everything.

But I do find this post perspective somewhat Interesting, if only maybe because I believe deep down there are truths there I believe, whether I ever talk about it or not.

Post Here.



  • He’s not entirely right and not entirely wrong. Where he is right, he’s generally right for all the wrong reasons.

    It is also amusing to see him scale down his ambitions – first he was going to get a Titan and win eve. Now he has scaled back on when he’ll get the titan and has decided his strategy to ‘win’ may not be viable.

  • As one of the “…the strategist who plays the big picture, considers being ganked merely an ISK loss and enjoys the growth” players who could never really get into the ganking/ganked gameplay, I think he’s got a point. Interestingly enough, I am not at all averse to PvP and am an avid World of Tanks player. However as an internet spaceships player, I come at Eve from the “Elite”/Space4X angle. Ganking in EvE is just part of the background noise to me. if it happens, so be it. At the end of the day, it’s just another part of the sandbox.

  • I played EVE for about one year and quit about 5 years ago now. I remember I had a BS and felt good in it (even though I was under skilled). I decided to try to venture into 0.0. My very first I jump in to 0.0, and wouldn’t you know it, about 50 dudes sitting there shooting me at the gate.

    Now being a high sec miner/missioner for the most part, I was completely thrown off my game. I was intimidated and had a feeling of complete helplessness. I went back to mining my veldspar and quit shortly thereafter.

    With 5 years of perspective, I am thinking of jumping back into EVE with brand new characters. I was considering being a high sec miner again… Now I think I will be a manufacturer and eventually I want another crack at getting my butt into null sec and seeing what there is to see out there.

    I think a null sec miner sounds alot more exciting than a high sec miner.

    I think I understand the PvP a lot better too. It seems to me there is time and money riding on your win/loss in PvP. You get popped in your 80 bil isk titan and then consider the hours of labor, trading, manufacturing it takes to make a titan possible. I wasn’t prepared for the consequences the last time I played, nor did I understand them fully. I do now and mentally I am prepared for it.

    In a roundabout way I trying to say that, for me, PvP in EVE has more impact that it does in WoW, SC2, or whatever. Even though there is no leaderboard, you had to earn the isk to buy that ship, implants, and clone you lost. It takes time, luck, smarts, and sometimes real dollars to get back to where you were. Most people I think want wins/losses in their games to be easy and inconsequential. Nothing in EVE is inconsequential.

    I like your blog a lot and I am bummed you stopped your T2 production as that is what I want to learn about most. I do like your heavy trading tales though and the market manipulation stuff I find fascinating!

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