UI Inventory System

Various players have been making issue of the new UI Inventory System as well some forums thread about it that I didn’t care much to read through it all. But I really don’t have much to say about it which is probably why haven’t said anything about it as don’t have much reason to. I usually don’t have beef to burn with stuff just because something aren’t perfect. So many players play EVE differently with all kind of setups, weird setups and some with many Multi-Box setups doing all kind of stuff in EVE or with POS interaction with their Inventory. As well all you out there that like to Bot as well in game may be having some issues which CCP already said they will be addressing.

For me, I have no issues with the UI Inventory System! It took a little getting used to but so is change. Inventory works for everything I need it to do involving normal stuff, Trade, Manufacturing, Invention and works fine doing it without issues. I don’t do Missions/Ratting or Mining (rarely) so I have no clue if those cause issues with the new system. Nor do I do anything involving POS related stuff for those that may have issues there.

The Inventory System for me is an improvement though no slower or faster in my opinion than it was before. I had some lag before, I have the same lag just about now but only when opening my massive station inventory it takes a few seconds. The after patch bug issues were fixed as it relates to stargate jumps for me when it kept opening all the time. CCP will be making further improvement which is also a good thing as no system is perfect.

But overall I have no issues with the New UI Inventory System and not much else for me to say about it.


After 2 years of EVE I’ve come to a slow realization and perception, EVE players hate change and they even hate more massive changes. They will bitch and rage about just about everything when CCP make changes. Maybe that’s just all in my mind.


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  • I also haven’t really had a huge problem with the new Inventory system. I’ve accepted that a few things need to be polished. I didn’t have the outlandish response that a lot of people have been displaying on the EveO forums.

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