DUST 514: You might just have a Beta Key and NOT know it!

Came across this Thread just skimming the forums and checking for DUST Beta Keys info. Especially since I know I signed up for Mordu’s Private Trial for what seems like eons ago.

Just do what the OP said in the forum thread post! And apparently quite a few people have just discovered they have a DUST 514 Beta Key they were unaware of.

Log into your EVE Account Management > Services (Drop down Tab) > Voucher Center > ???

If your lucky, you just might find your DUST 514 Beta Key hidden there or maybe not if your unlucky.

Good Luck checking yours! Drop a comment note if you get lucky.



  • 4 accounts. Nothing…



  • Mate, you are a star. Id given up hope about the beta… Then, read ur post… Gave it one last try and boom! I have a code waiting for me there… Hah


  • if anyone has a code they don’t need msg me thru PSN porkrindz67 thx

  • Im currently giving away the last of my beta keys. its first come first serve so hurry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZYV_NlXfxY if your to late to get one of my codes dont worry, the open beta will start soon :)_to those who were lucky enough to redeem one of my codes, please as a thankyou, could you spare 2secs and click on my videos add.

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