New BIogger Initiative – Finding a reason, getting started and some advice

Another post for the New Blogger Initiative (NBI) that’s meant to help and encourage other would be bloggers out get started blogging like some of us. In my first post for the Initiative I just went ahead and wrote about who and what inspired me to get started blogging. That was 5 years ago and hard to believe I’m still here blogging. I really didn’t think that far ahead to ever think I would ever make it anywhere far, let alone this far.

I really had no idea back then getting started that anything was special about blogging or that it was even a big deal to do so. At best I thought it was something maybe fun to do and I could record my time playing the games I played. I figured maybe something I did while playing the game I played would eventually help or inspire someone else that happen to come across the blog as well. That was my reason! Because I myself was inspired reading someone else’s blog who played the same game for a brief time. That person then quit playing and their blog longer exist on the internet today. But the person (Peter) played long enough the game while I read his blog to encourage and convince me I should try writing a blog. I’m still here.

Find your own Reason’s to Blog

The various game communities always need more and fresh new voices. Your going to have to find your own reasons and motivation to decide to start a blog of your own and decide what you want to write about. Everyone is different. For me initially it was just a simple reason to record my time and hopefully something I say or did would help and inspire someone in the process playing the same game. As well I found it was a way to help me become better at writing. I hated to write anything, just ask my high school english teacher. I continue to work at it just by blogging. Over time those reasons can and do change slightly as you find your way and voice blogging and choosing to move on to playing other games.

Many of those reasons over time will help you to keep going initially over the first few weeks and months when you believe your blogging in a vacuum and that no one even knows you exist. Those reasons will help keep you going on days/weeks when you really don’t feel like blogging at all thinking maybe don’t matter to you or your readers. But blog for your self first!

Once you start blogging find another reason to keep going. One of the reason I kept at it and kept going was because over time I would see many the blogs I also read disappear and just went poof. I decided that wasn’t going to happen to me and long as I played MMO games no matter which game as long as I was having fun playing I’d keep blogging.

Pick a Platform to Blog on

Back when I was deciding to start my first blog back when I played WoW I really didn’t know much about which blog platform to use. There weren’t that many blogs that I really knew of. Most blogs that I knew was all hosted on Blogger. So I figured that it must be good to use as well, so I got me a free account on Blogger and eventually got me a blog. I had barely heard of WordPress back then as a platform to use as well.  Today there are several other platforms to choose from. But you can get a free account and go from there or decide to host your own blog and tinker with it yourself. I don’t have time to tinker with a self hosting blog nor do I have a desire to. A free hosted blog works just fine for me. Get one that works for you.

What kind of Blog

You may want to just have a personal blog that you write like mine or you may want to make a more commercial blog and monetize it with nuisance ads all over it. I really couldn’t tell you how to do a commercial blog and make it a success. It’s just up to you. For me I like my blog it’s a hobby and like it being an ad free zone.

Find a Blog name that works

It took me awhile to come up with a name for a blog. Back when I played WoW I used to play as a Tank defending my comrades. I was rather fond of the talent Ardent Defender that always used to often save my life and help save my dungeon groups. Often I toyed with the talent mechanic just playing the game to do really odd things. But over time I grew attached to the name as it can mean different things as well. I also realized over the years that its good to have a good blog name that transcends the MMO games your playing. It doesn’t have to be name specific to any game in case you ever decide to move on to blogging about another game or multiple MMO’s and feel restricted by the name of your blog being attached to a specific game. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers close their original blog and restart under a different name a new blog because the blog name was attached to a specific game and they didn’t like the name they had. That can be tough to do so and lose all your original blog content you worked hard to write restarting a blog.

Write for yourself

If you can’t start your blog and enjoy writing for yourself and have fun doing it, you probably aren’t going to enjoy writing to please your readers. Trying to please readers will always be an uphill battle and likely make you quickly miserable and just no fun in that. The number one person I write my blog for is myself. Sometimes your writing to try to inform the reader. It’s why I can also enjoy writing even when no one comments and write on days when I may not really feel like doing it. Write what you feel you want to write about and what’s on your mind. Its easier to write when you have an overall positive attitude about things vs a pessimistic one. This aren’t a job it’s a hobby! But find your own style in how you blog. I like to say blogs are like personalities and all are different, find your own.

Start & don’t worry

Just start writing about what you feel you want to write about and what you feel you have a voice at and just keep going. Be like the Energizer Bunny, just start blogging, keep going and don’t stop.

  • Don’t worry about the readers, where you will find them and lack of comments.
  • Don’t worry about page views and all that crap on your blog.
  • Don’t worry if anyone is actually reading your blog or not.
  • Don’t write seeking the fame!

People will eventually find your blog, somehow they just will find it. If you also read lots of other blogs and comment on other blogs with decent comments, people will search back and find you eventually out of curiosity. There will always be far more people who read your blog than you will ever see comment on anything you write. Every now and then people come out of the shadows and make surprising comments.

Find a pace to blog at that works for you and don’t burn your self out on your own enthusiasm or madness over doing it. I wrote more in my first year blogging than in any other year after because I was simply excited doing it whether anyone was reading or not. Many were lurking and reading! However at some point I did feel like I was getting burned out because I still hadn’t found my pace. Eventually I took a break slowed down over time and found a pace that worked for me. Blogging and playing games for me go hand in hand for me. I blog more if I’m excited about playing the game I’m playing, it wanes if I’m not.

But once you start blogging, best I can say is just keep at it. It will be tough at first but eventually you get used to it over time as you get more seasoned. Blog though all the discouraging time’s but be positive about it and keep going. Eventually as you find readers whose comments it will give you encouragement to keep going. Be apart of the community your blogging about. You will always find a lot of great ideas to blog about, conversations to write about just reading across the community of blogs. You may even make a few blog friends.

So if you decided to start your own gaming blog, visit the New Bloggers Initiative forums, introduce yourself and get some support from all the other new and sponsor blogs there. Become apart of the Internet and add your own voice to it.


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