Public Service Reminder: R&D Agents & Datacores

Seems like the next market bubble slowly forming with Datacores, but anyway…

If you have Research Agents (R&D) who are working hard for you on Datacore Research scattered all over High Sec space and haven’t seen or visited all those Agents in Eons, it will probably be a good idea to make some time out of your soo busy schedule to visit them soon. Wherever you are in the galaxy plan ahead and take some time between now and the BIG Inferno patch and pick up ALL your damn Datacores.

Your gonna be sorry if you didn’t pick them up, You were too busy, too busy with RL to remember, you forgot to do so, you haven’t logged into EVE for days or weeks, no clue why (Don’t Read EVE Dev Blogs).

Well that big Datacore Nerf is coming in Inferno tied in with Faction Warfare changes. Don’t say after you weren’t warned ahead failing to pickup your Datacores before then or waiting till the last minute and then forget. Shit happens!

Now what you choose to do with all your Datacores you collected is your own business!

7 thoughts on “Public Service Reminder: R&D Agents & Datacores

  1. You forgot to mention the 10,000isk per data core pickup fee thell have to pay after patch. They accept visa/MasterCard and sexy underwear. 😉


    1. That’s if they fail to pick them all up before the patch to avoid the fee.

      But yeah that fee will then be there after the patch whenever anyone picks them up from R&D Agent.


  2. Do I get it right datacores will be in FW LP Store in addition to the normal R&D Agents? The normal R&D Agents will continue to work but take a 10k ISK Fee for every datacore.


  3. See, this is why I loathe and detest EVE and can never manage to stay subsrcibed for more than a month or so at a time. The developers are such fucking assholes.

    For all the bleating about how they don’t like that datacore farming is such a passive activity the change does nothing to alter that and all it does is shove people into faction warfare if they want to manufacture T2.

    Screw them. I unsubbed. Again.



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