2 Years of EVE Online and what’s next

EVE Online turns 9 years old today, hard to believe almost a decade has gone by since I started playing online games. I roughly started playing online games right around the exact same time that EVE was launched. Today also completes the full cycle of 2 years of EVE Online for both my characters.

Main character started EVE on o4/23/10 and today is at 34.2 Million Skill Points with 222 Skills Trained. For the vast majority of that time have spent it in the same player corp, not much of a corp hopper. Alt Trader started life in EVE on 05/06/10 not long after my main started EVE as well. Today he’s at 31.4 Million Skill Points with 159 Skills Trained. About 2 weeks apart but their skills though some are the same, look very different in levels trained. Main character just have a wider variety of skills trained vs the alt.

Started EVE 2 years ago pretty much out of curiosity in finally deciding to try out the game I had heard of for almost 7 years. It was somewhat also of an experiment to see if I could make it in this game I heard and read from so many others was just too hard. That’s somewhat of a Myth! But anyway I didn’t think I was really gonna still be playing the EVE Online 6 months after I started. One of my goals at that time was to play a wider variety of MMO games for variety. But I also happen to me a focus game player vs hopping around from game to game. And so 2 years later and I’m still here playing EVE. Not much MMO game variety have I played over last 2 years either and in that respect I’ve failed at one of my own goals playing MMO’s.

I have a love hate relationship with EVE, it’s just the way I feel about the overall game and its social dynamics. But that’s a different story. But its been an interesting journey the last 2 years.

I surely never expected to be playing this game 2 years straight as the only MMO I’ve played pretty much for all last 2 years. That wasn’t my plan, its just the way it worked out. This blog isn’t a EVE blog, it’s a MMO blog and says MMO at the top, but I just happen to play a lot of EVE Online more than any other MMO game exclusively. But blogging reflect’s the games that I play day in day out and EVE has been that main game for the last 2 years straight. None of the other MMO’s on the market in that time has had much appeal for me since that time, even the FTP ones. Playing EVE was just always more interesting.

But I don’t know If I’ll make it for a 3rd year in EVE. I’ve heard it’s really hard to quit EVE after playing for over 2 years. If anything the longer I play EVE probably the more bitter I will eventually get like older players tend to be that have played EVE for a long time. I’m not married to EVE, one day soon it will all end. There are a lot of interesting other MMO games on the immediate horizon this year that will eventually shift my focus to try other things new for a change. EVE will just get tossed to the way side as I decide to move on to other things. Yeah that’s rather cold, but so is EVE. Who ever said life was fair, EVE sure aren’t a fair place either by any stretch of the imagination.

EVE Online is a unique game, much more so than most MMO’s that I’m aware of. It’s hard to resist the lore of EVE and probably why I’m still here after 2 years, there just aren’t any other like it. But I for sure know one thing that every day I play EVE is a choice, I can choose to do other things as hard as that might be. Everyday I play this game brings me one day closer to the end as well. No one like to think it once started it will ever end, bit it eventually will.

And just like how it all started picking up the game, it will suddenly all end one day soon. There comes a time when everyone moves on eventually, when exactly that time comes no one really knows.

I used to play SecondLife for years and one day out of the blue I woke up one day and just like that it ended that day. Never really to return.

I used to play World of Warcraft for years and one day out of the blue I decided the love affair was over. I’ve never returned.

I started playing EVE Online never really expecting to really be here all that long. EVE is a conflicting game. But one day soon out of nowhere it will just as suddenly all end.

Cheers to 2 years of life in this wretched cold harsh universe. I didn’t expect to be here this long.

One day soon this too will all end…



  • Don’t go!!!

    • I think about it every day, will keep that in mind though 🙂

  • As a long time reader I can honestly say I would be sad to see you go. I’ve mostly been a pvper in game, so reading your blog has kind of shown me the other side of the game. Only recently have I started to get into the market a little bit. Not sure how I’ll do, and I’m still training up my market toon so he can jump around and do the hauling as well so I don’t have to have my hauler alts transfer back and forth, but it’s kind of relaxing.

    Either way, great blog, and has always been a pleasure reading.

    • The Market is always a nice part of EVE to get into and a whole different game in itself. Start small with selling stuff, trade something you “know” or like and go from there with just a few things and see how it goes. Everything you learn helps you along the way.

      Time will come soon eventually when its just time to move on, until then still here…

  • Well done on 2 years. I’ve very much enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    Do consider leaving Eve active if you get bored to go play something else. You can probably keep the account paid for with minimal effort and it’s an absolute blast when you haven’t played for a couple of months to come back and find more money and new skills.

    • Will keep that in mind as can probably keep the account active with minimal effort and training for some time with PLEX if need. Yeah it can be good to go away and come back later, then again you forget how to play the game at that point too.

  • So…. can I have your stuff?


    • Dunno…..

      I got through thinking about that after thinking about it for a while. I figure if I ever gave away my stuff, I probably would give it to a reader who actually frequently visited and commented on the blog 🙂

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