Start worrying about your “current” Datacores Now!

Just logged in briefly this morning to check a thing or two, just not a lot of time. Someone had come alone and bought up all my Amarrian Starship Datacores I had on the local regional market. That was Datacores I had on the market for a while at a higher price than normal. Logging into Jita and Amarrian Starship Datacores prices were way up and quite a lot of buying was happening in last day or so. Hmmm

Traders chat was CCP was somehow making a move and intel from the test server.

Looking around quickly on the forum came to this very recent thread from yesterday with CCP Soundwave chiming in here.

No time to get into it, but gonna be worth looking over if your currently a Researcher, Inventer with R&D agents or just have some setup on farm.

Jita 05/02/12

Logged into the trading desk early last night and someone dumped just over 12 Million units of Morphite on the market in one massive dump in Jita and almost caused a panic. When I saw the current price it was way down to around 8K a unit. Was like wtf, prices keep dropping. Last week it was selling for around 15-16K. Sell Prices have rebounded slightly to 10K but seem few people willing to buy much on Buy Orders. Turmoil continues.



  • Hard to know where datacores are going. On the one hand the passive supply will decrease. On the other hand we may see a lot of Faction War players cashing in large volumes of datacores which would bring the price down. Soundwave said that the price is dynamic so my guess is that they’ll adjust it to keep datacore levels roughly at current prices. But it’ll probably start out by being a very good thing to cash out for your loyalty points as developers in any game want stuff to get used.

    So my thinking is sell surplus datacores now, replenish once the price drops.

    In any event it will be important to empty out every datacore alt’s built up stock with their agents before the change goes live and that’s bound to cause a temporary price crash.

    I may find myself buying a lot of the datacores I use just as this patch goes live because they may well hit a record low.

  • I’ve already collected them all a few days ago all my Datacores from my various agents already being aware a Datacore change was somewhat possible for Inferno.

    I’m actually a Scientist as well, I actively do Invention. My field of R&D Agents wasn’t just setup just to farm Datacores for ISK. It was setup to help facilitate doing R&D. Actually i’ve barely ever sold much of my harvested Datacores just to sell them for ISK. I actually use Datacores for their actual intended purposes and use them as intended, to actually Invent T2. I just happen to make back their market cost when i sell the actually produced T2.

    Its worrying to think that many other players as well CCP seem to think and wants to nerf Datacore Agents in highsec in favor of moving them to Faction warfare or even null sec as well nerf R&D Agents overall thinking that most people just set them up and use them to make ISK. Which isn’t true at all entirely. Now a far many capsuleers probably use Datacore’s agents just to farm ISK. But many people that actually Invent T2 use Datacore Agents as intended and are possible in line to get the shaft due to soon possible changes.

    What i’m likely to do with my Datacores is probably nothing, they will eventually get consumed in inventing something.

    • The way I look at it is I may as well farm the most isk-efficient, sell them, and buy the ones I need.

  • Well this will only affect me due to the reduction in accrual rate of the Research Points, as I use all the datacores I research. It will just mean that I have to spend more ISK buying datacores unfortunately.

    Still, maybe it will be a perk at some point in the future if I or my Corp ever ends up in Faction Warfare, which at the moment is pretty unlikely to say the least!

    • Reduction in accural rate and increase in the cost of the Datacores, plus a small fee for each Datacores. Unless you do Faction Warfare to supplement it.

  • This is interesting to me. I’m a little late in the game, but I JUST started using research agents to get data cores that I absolutely am using for invention toward the production of T2. I also happen to be the CEO of a FW corp, in a very active FW alliance. I’m kind of getting a feel for both sides of the coin here, and honestly have no clue how the changes will impact me in regards to R&D, and factional warfare related income. For obvious reasons, and reasons that should be more obvious than maybe they are to other FW participants, I am very partial toward Indy and Science players. My people blow up a lot of ships. So, if data cores become an issue, and my being in FW gives me some kind of edge, I’m sure I can come to an arrangement. Most FW pilots have no use for a datacore unless it can be fired for effect upon an enemy target 😛

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