New Blogger Initiative – Get with the program yo!

Shamelessly Stolen from The Ancient Gaming Noob...

This is about the games we all play for fun and entertainment because we are all gamers no matter our pin stripes, the blogs we either read and write about, the games we all play for fun and trying to encourage New Bloggers in our MMO gaming communities. So Syp a fellow MMO blogger over at Biobreak is organizing an initiative for a whole month directed at encouraging New Bloggers to get into the game of blogging about MMO’s or MMO’s they play. I think this is a very cool idea. Everyone that blogs currently had to start from somewhere. The games we play are greatly enhanced because people blog about them as a fun hobby.

So for the Month of May its dedicated to encouraging New Bloggers sponsored by other Veteran MMO Bloggers providing support and advice. As far as I know so far at last check there are at least 71+ various MMO blogging members and fast growing who have decided to participate in this Initiative. If you wish to participate as an already existing blog you can do so by registering at a BB forum that Syp created for the initiative here.

For the rest of the entire month dedicated to this initiative the goal is to write a few blog post if possible however you choose to do so dedicated to giving some advice or encouragement from your experience to New Bloggers just getting started. Advice that you as a veteran blogger wish you had or knew when you were getting started if you can remember back that far. Why did you start your blog, what kept you going, what helped you out along the way, why you stuck with it, why are you still here after all this time since still blogging and rambling? Throw the New Blogger a bone!

How and Why Did I get Started Blogging?

Aren’t you the least bit curious sometimes how some your favorite or popular game bloggers got started? We all started as relative unknowns or just plain unknown stuck in some remote isolated area of the internet. Somehow people found us.

“Honestly when I got started….. I had no idea I was even a Blogger!”

That’s the honest truth there. It was many months after I started blogging that at some point I have no idea when, that I even realize I was even a blogger. I was doing it for purely fun and an extended hobby of the MMO games I was playing. I became a better game because I blogged! I didn’t set out to become a blogger because I really didn’t know at the time what a blogger was. Had no real clue at the time.

This was just a hobby.

I had to check myself but this month makes 5 years I’ve been blogging about MMO games I play. I started my very first blog post on a sunday April 8th 2007. I only realized that because I can look back like a time capsule and find the very first post I ever wrote back when I was playing WoW. Can you even remember back that far what you were even doing back then? I can only remember because well I made a blog post that day.

Back when I was still somewhat new playing WoW, I was trying to figure out how to play my character properly during the Burning Crusade. I saw a character in-game playing my class standing around in one the cities in the game and convo message him asking him a question about how to use a particular skill properly to be most effective. He kindly gave me some helpful advice and then he told me if I needed to know more to “google it” and find out from there. I didn’t know at the time what a blog was. Blogs were still a new thing, a new tool to write stuff on back then. So I spend time researching and googling all over the internet. I had just magically discovered the world of Internet blogs. I had no idea people wrote stuff about games on blogs.

I found a guy who had a blog that lived in the UK that had a tiny little blog playing the same game as I was. So I kept pestering him in comments asking questions how I do this and that since he was ahead of me in levels. I read his blog for months. I though this was a pretty cool thing he was doing…. writing a blog. Kinda like a diary of sort to me at the time he was writing. I was learning stuff reading his blog, and it was helpful. I was also getting better at playing the game as well because of reading his blog. I was now also reading a few blogs that somehow I magically discovered that I had no idea existed. So I asked the guy who’s blog I was reading that I was learning stuff from how hard is it to do that blogging thing. He said I should try it out, I might be good at it.

But I’m not a good Writer….

Just start writing! With no idea of how to start a blog, I saw most the blogs I was reading were all using Blogspot Platform at the time. So I started my very first blog blogging on Blogspot too. I still have that blog, though I no longer really use it.

  • I had no idea what to write now that I had now actually started a blog! 
  • I played with it all weekend.
  • I thought I would fail miserably at blogging.
  • I thought I would run out of idea’s in less than a month.
  • I wondered how I would ever make it to 3 months if I would run out ideas of what to write about in a month let alone make it three months.
  • I wondered if anyone would read it.
  • I wondered if anyone would even care what I wrote about.
  • I constantly wondered and worried where ideas would come from to write a blog.
  • When I started writing, I often had no idea what to write about. 
With all the worries to worry me silly starting a Blog, I just simply decided to just write about what I did playing the game I played and just chronicle my adventures or misadventure as it happened. It was just a way for me to record my journey and adventure playing a MMO game. I never anticipated anyone in the entire world would ever read my blog for any reason.
I simply started blogging and just took it one day at a time. Just kept at it blogging and 5 years later as I have changed and played various MMO’s I’m still here……. blogging and wondering at times. Just why your reading and lurking on my blog?
Go start your own Blog! You could maybe become as popular as Jester’s Trek
or controversial as Gevlon!

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