Burning Minerals and Toxic Investments

With all the Jita Burning and blockade of Jita going on the only thing I’m exposed to Trade wise in the entire Jita Market is Minerals. Most are already on the market and some amount of it just sitting in Jita station till things looks good to do something with it either moving it or re-selling it for profit. Most of all the minerals were purchased somewhere over the last week or so before Jita Burning. So with all the Jita Market meltdown in prices how does thing look for my mineral investments there in Jita.

Corp Trading Mineral Purchases:
Bought 50K Morphite
Bought 200K Zydrine
Buy Order Purchased Cost: 1011402500.00

Based on Current Lowest Jita Sell Order Prices Down: -64715000.00 ISK

Personal Trading Mineral Purchases
Bought 100K Morphite
Bought 6491 Morphite
Bought 50K Morphite
Total Morphite: 156491
Buy Order Purchase Cost: 2030662607.34
Based on Current Lowest Jita Sell Order Prices UP +324212395.75 ISK

Bought 484206 Zydrine
Bought 300k Zydrine
Bought 586761 Zydrine
Bought 300K Zydrine
Total Zydrine: 1670967
Buy Order Purchase Cost: 2998044355.96
Based on Current lowest Jita Sell Order Prices Down: -293534137.45 ISK

Bought 3.5M Nocxium
Total Nocxium: 3.5M
Buy Order Purchase Cost: 3114965000.00
Based on Current Lowest Jita Sell Order Prices Up: +122535000.00 ISK

Bought 198K Megacyte
Bought 120K Megacyte
Bought 264931 Megacyte
Total Megacyte: 582931
Buy Order Purchase Cost: 1977591000.00
Based on Current Lowest Jita Sell Order Prices Down: -52333127.68 ISK

Good thing I don’t place my bets all on the same things. Still got a nice ISK cushion I’m sitting on. But Taxes and Broker fees aside, Goons are costing me money, if this keeps going I might soon have what seem like Toxic Assets! Hopefully the market recovers soon and we see really high volume movement and I can eventually make back some profits on my Investments. Outside of Jita System Trading none of my regional trading business is really affected by the events since home part of space is a bit far from Jita.

Hey with prices this low though on the Jita markets, this could all just be a great buying opportunity.


One comment

  • Serpentine Logic

    Considering that it has taken since 2009 to finally run down the stockpiles of Technetium, medium- or long-term speculation on minerals seems like a dangerous game.

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