Jita Burning Postcard

Carrier on deck!

I didn’t take the photo, I just came across it. Now that’s something you don’t see in High sec at all. That looks like a….  Nyx Carrier.

You wonder how exactly does a Carrier end up in Jita….



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  • Yes it is a Nyx. My guess is that someone got it there by some exploit. Apparently a GM moved it out of Jita and put it back where it belongs.

    About 8 months ago there was a patch issue that allowed briefly caps into high sec. It’s possible this was moved then and the account has been logged off since, waiting for a high impact moment to show off.

  • If I remember correctly it was a reimbursement gone ‘bad’. The player petitioned a SC loss, got it reimbursed, accepted it in Jita and undocked it. He was then contacted and was told to move it to where it belongs which he then did.

    It has been covered by Evenews24. No linkage but its there 🙂

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