DUST 514 Beta, Dust Storm Incoming

Seem the DUST Storm have already started with DUST 514 Closed Beta and its eventual PS3 launch tie later this year in with EVE Online Universe.

Seemed Sony started today sending out up to 5000 Beta invites for some their PSN players testers. They be testing a pre-fanfest 2012 build it seems.

Oh some forum nerdrage has already started on EVE Online forums about not as yet receiving some entitled  DUST 514 Beta Key vs what Sony seemed to have sent out to some their PSN player testers.

Guess should mean EVE Online players who have already signed up for the DUST Beta should start receiving an invite possible soon as the DUST Storm kicks up even more to planetary turmoil status.

I had signed up for DUST 514, I’ll surely play it if I get a Beta Invite. I’m highly likely to play DUST 514 when it comes out. You’d probably play it too if you got a Beta Invite too, so stop lying to yourself :)!

You’ll likely be under NDA by CCP if your lucky to get into DUST Beta so you probably don’t want to be like this person who could likely get banned from the Beta. Updated: The PSC forum thread link was removed, I can only guess for violating NDA on DUST 514 Beta. Don’t do it if your in DUST Beta, sure way to get banned.

After the CCP Nvidia card for PLEX recently that sold out in less than 2 minutes, just wondering when of If we’ll possibly see soon…..PS3 for PLEX?

Updated 04/20/12 CCP CMDR Wang on DUST Beta access:

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