Market Manipulation of Nanotransistors

Its turbulent times it seems in the New Eden Market places. Some people like to say EVE is boring (don’t play EVE), game play is unexciting or whatever else, but few I’ve ever heard say the EVE Market place is a boring place. Because it’s always exciting somewhere in the marketplace and something is always happening somewhere. With prices skyrocketing in mineral speculation everywhere, price increase of all kind of goods and price manipulation all over Nanotransistors seem to be one of the latest with manipulation going on in the late hours of the night. Or someone seem to be trying to at least in a big way.

Mabrick a fellow Industrialist over an his blog at Mabrick’s Mumbling has a series of post over the last few days starting with Minerals Might Not be the only thing to worry about, about depleted regional stocks of Microprocessors of the various sorts for making T2. Takes a lot of Microprocessors to make T2 ships of every kind and numerous amount of exotic T2 Modules. Many previous stocks on the market seemed to be mysteriously disappearing from the market across various regions. Really! Hmm…

EVE Scientist another fellow Industrialist and Scientist over on his blog as well seem to be seeing something similar with Nanotransistors in one of his latest post The Latest Casualty. That was written over the weekend as well while I myself was busy playing EVE and only happen to notice that post he made over the weekend. That made me think a little bit as well. I just hadn’t paid much attention to item since wasn’t doing any manufacturing for a while.

On Saturday I was in Jita shopping for some materials. I haven’t built or produced anything in weeks/months taking a break from everything. So was shopping for some T2 moon materials to make some Armor Plates and Microprocessors myself. All prices seem to be up as haven’t looked at moon material in a long while. When I got to Nanotransistors I noticed prices was way up doubled over what I remember it used to be when I last bought some numerous weeks/months ago. So bought several thousands, well over a hundred million worth for somewhere around 8650.00 per unit on sell order vs playing 0.01 ISK game and spend way longer than I wanted to in Jita. Their was a lot of market sell orders in Jita at that point. Didn’t think too much more about it at that point until I had read Mabrick’s post and then saw EVE’s Scientist post.

I was thinking about a few other things that kept my mind of Microprocessors and numerous components and Gallente Ship Datacores that were all spiking, Skiffs rarely seen was doubling over in price and erased from all the region and was looking at the market to see if I could see any trends just thinking of stuff. But real late into the morning I happen to look at the market in Jita and mysteriously the market seemed to have been cleaned out of Nanotransistors that was earlier in the mid 8K range and was now replaced with Sell Orders in the 12K range as in the above market pic. Someone it seem indeed was manipulating the market again or attempting to do so. Prices in Amarr reflected things similar to Jita.

Less than 12 hrs later it seem the market was somewhat back to its normal self and trending down in price of Nanotransistors although still at a higher price level compared to when I had made my last purchase. It’s hard to know everything about everything that’s happening in EVE or why it might be happening as EVE is a dynamic changing universe and all kind of things are happening all the time. But it seems someone with enough market clout, or who knows maybe some moon goo rich alliance just might be trying to manipulate the market in Nanotransistors for even more gain in the bank. That has huge implications for T2 manufacturing as prices of Nanotransistors keep going up and down. As Nanotransistors are major raw component in making Microprocessors which are huge part of the material list/price for producing T2 Ships and lots of other exotic T2 components.

Of course they might just be something else going on, its hard to know the full story a lot of the time until after it has already happened. Either way exciting, turbulent and chaotic times in the EVE Marketplace ripe for manipulation attempts.

One thought on “Market Manipulation of Nanotransistors

  1. It’s interesting to see your take on things. I’m really a manufacturer, and occasional trader, whereas you seem to be pretty much the reverse of me, but the cross-over is definite.

    For both of us, there is potential to make large sums of ISK if we can read (i.e. predict/guess) things correctly, and also to make massive losses.

    I’m glad I waited for the Nanotransistors to be restocked. In the end I purchased 80,000 units at 9,000 ISK per unit, costing around 720 million ISK. If I’d purchased at the time, at 12,500 ISK per unit, I’d have spent an additional 280 million, i.e. 1 billion ISK for the same thing – almost 40% higher!

    It wasn’t essential I got the Nanotransistors, I could have changed my production schedule as the T2 ships I was buying them for, the Nanotransistors made up a very significant percentage of the material cost.

    Still, I could have gotten it wrong and had to pay more ISK later on, but given the stocks on the market, it felt like short term manipulation and so I decided to just wait.

    Next time perhaps I’ll get it badly wrong. I’m sure quite a few people did buy at 12,500 ISK per unit and are now counting the cost.


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