Minerals & Ice

Spend a bit of time in EVE on Saturday and Sunday, much more time than I have over the last few weeks. Spent most of that time picking up lots of Ice Products like Helium Isotopes, Liquid Ozone and Strontium Clathrates that were bought weeks ago in several system Buy Orders across a region as part of regular Buy Orders.

Though those orders were completed weeks ago they just sat in station all that time. So just spent a bit of time cleaning things up and reselling them back on market in my main regional trade station. With prices being up I should make several hundred million profit when all the Ice stuff is sold.

Several months ago pre Crucible when Zydrine was at it’s all time low for months I had slowly bought up somewhere around 1.1 Million units of Zydrine. Bought for below 650 ISK pu mostly in mission hubs from missioners in exchange for immediate  liquidity over time. I figure with prices being that low on Zydrine I would speculate buy up quite a bit of it and just sit on it as an Investment until prices rebound. Well indeed it has rebounded.

Started selling some the Zydrine when prices hit above 1200 ISK pu and sold off rest it this weekend for 2000 ISK pu. Needless to say that investment have paid off with much patience in profitability.

Sold off every bit of minerals I had remaining in all my hangers for profiting with mineral prices as high as they are now for more profiting.

While doing all the run around and hanging out in lounge with other traders I learned that Pax Amarria was removed from market which help remove the artificial cap on Nocxium prices which over the weekend was way up in prices as supplies evaporated across many regions. I was able to pick up some cheap stashes of Nocxium for the reselling and all the good time ahead trading Nocxium. If only I had like 5-10 Billion ISK sunk in that already ahead of time.




  • Zydrine is going up in anticipation of a nerf to the drone regions in nullsec which supply a big chunk of this mineral.

    Also the drones are run by bots and there’s just been a huge purge of bots, gold sellers and gold buyers.

    So there’s a double whammy going on.

    2000 seems an ok price but it may go up even higher.

    Good job in any event for spotting the low peak.

  • At the time months ago when was buying the Zydrine and Megacyte as well was mostly buying it on Buy Order slowly for Invention Production use. Since was still doing a bit of Invention Production at the time and needed allot of Zydrine and Megacyte and a good surplus supply. So just bought up lots of it while it was at so low a price i figure it couldn’t go too much lower and have to rebound at some point as it was far from what it normally traded at.

    Allot of Trading is having patience with a long term view.

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