CCP Investigates…..bullying comments….

Just when you think all the usual bad press that EVE often gets day in day out have somewhat subsided a bit lately by all the seemingly good things that CCP been hard at work doing comes a bit of hot controversy about several comments “The Mittani” said over the weekend at EVE Fanfest player panel.

Man that is just low taste and in no way endorse what he said as a EVE player myself. The Mittani is way out of line! Yet I’m just not totally all that shocked either considering it was he who said it. This in my opinion does more to damage EVE PR and perception and that perception as well in attracting new players than it helps EVE and CCP both.

CCP says they will Investigate the issue. This will be most Interesting!

I’ve got my popcorn in hand.

And I’m kicking back with my popcorn and seeing just how CCP will respond.

5 thoughts on “CCP Investigates…..bullying comments….

  1. Do you have any links to what went on?

    I had been wondering if the Mittani might ever force CCP’s hand, and have them disqualify him from the CSM due to his behaviour. Wouldn’t he revel in the drama.


  2. Well initially got the news reading news site in various places, so its kinda all over the internet on many gamer sites.

    Trying to track down a youtube Fanfest 2012 Alliance Panel Video to view it myself took a while and was hard to find a good one.

    This one was only one i found that seemed good but still had a bunch of feed errors or edits at the wrong moments in question.

    Its pretty whacky to watch and just as disappointing to watch also to say the least. Mittens starts at 58 minutes in. The whole panel seem like they had way too much to drink.


  3. I certainly think that he should not hold office. If he’s on the CSM he’s a representative of CCP. A representative of CCP who is telling people to go victimise people who are suicidal. That’s not on.

    Whether he’s allowed to bully people as a player is much more murky. As one poster on the SA forums remarked, cyber-bullying is the whole point of Eve.


  4. Any company that allows representatives to give a speech in a drunken state deserves to get the short end of the stick…


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