Simmering Symptoms

Haven’t been around New Eden all that much lately, but that don’t mean I’m not thinking about it and life in space. I’m always thinking! Lots of random thoughts in the depths of my mind bubbling up slowly to the surface.

I’ve been thinking I’m just about sitting on almost exactly 2 years in space. Hmm…

I’m not missing being in the universe as much as I thought I would.

In other thoughts I’m loosing interest as well.

After 2 years of the switch being on, could be nice to just flip the switch off for a change.

Lots of the older cronies seem so bitter at almost everything, I feel I might be slowly catching their space disease the more I read.

I feel like I also need a change as well from the usual.

Just a bit tired of it all.

Just some random thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Simmering Symptoms

  1. As i just mentioned to someone else, sounds like Spring has hit and it’s time to take a break. You’ll be back. FWIW, I just returned after six months and this time around I’ve got much more casual goals and am enjoying different facets of the game.


  2. That just means its time to try something new in the game! I’m approaching year 4, and the boredom sets in from time to time. When that happens I now know its time to see what else Eve has to offer.


  3. I would also advice taking a break. I took a break from Sep to Dec 2011, came back and now doing different stuff (living in 0.0).

    Though the game is not work, if this one get’s boring, go somewhere else.


  4. At the heart of EvE is the fact that is actually a social game. It might take you 17 gazillion SPs and the ability to fly every ship known to man to realise it, but there it is. If you can do most things, then where is the challenge?

    I don’t undock anywhere near as much as I used to (not that I can do everything – not even remotely close). But we are growing the corp slowly and finding some really good peeps to fly with.

    And that more than anything else keeps me interested.



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