State of Business, Time & Money

Another few weeks seemed to keep rolling by and it continues that my time spent in EVE haven’t amounted to much other than maintenance mode logging in here and there to maintain active skill training. Real Life and school courses this semester continue to demand an ever greater amount of my time and grades mid way thru semester is far from stella. Needless to say EVE will continue to get the short end of a long stick and if I don’t end up doing somewhat well at end of semester some things will surely get pushed off the plate for sure. And that’s just the way I see it and the way it will be if and when the time comes.

As for Trade business activities in EVE, well I’ve been an absent trader in the management of my business dealings in New Eden for some time now. Yet it seem it’s probably for the best of things as well been absent from active management of regional trading business as profits continue to grow. Business in doing better it seem without me at the helm it seem, and seem like a good thing to me. Profits are now up to 28.54 Billion ISK for on hand cash asset with remaining 5.2 Billion in Sell Orders. Management of Corp Trade/Market Div funds which I solely manage both is up to a total of 1.55 Billion ISK in Wallet Funds for the Corp with 8 sets of Sell Orders remaining on the market for a total of less than 150M ISK. For the remaining Corp Sell Order, I just updated the orders on the market, they’ll sell eventually at some point. As for the rest of my own market Sell Orders, I’ll just let them sell off or run out whenever they do, I don’t really care either way.

Profit growth forecast will probably be less this time next month as many of the faster selling higher profitability items have all sold off on Sell Orders and have not been replaced on the market with new Sell Orders across many regions. New market competition have slowly moved in and filled the vacuum I’ve left in some profitable areas of my regional trade network as well. It’s highly unlikely that I will put up much of any new Sell Orders on the market other than whats already purchased for market stock. I just don’t have the time. As well some profitable items for market from existing Buy Order purchase are still sitting in several scattered stations in Kador Region awaiting pickup. At this point even though the profit potential is in the hundred of millions, presently I can’t be bothered much to do any logistics moving any of it. So those things will likely sit in stations in Kador Region until I feel I can get around to it whenever that is.

On another note a good amount of current market Sell Orders in Planetary Interaction Materials (PI) remain unsold on the market in my local region mostly due to all the local sellers with prices of (PI) material all over the place across the regional systems. I’m not really all that bothered with things unsold as it’s probably unlikely for me to go broke and needing the funds from PI selling or not. Much of it was originally bought up cheap for price speculation anyway with much upside profit on resell. I guess though If I get around to it sometime I probably just remove all the PI from market, package it all and have someone else Contract move it all to Jita for later sale. Eventually reach a point in EVE where your time is more valuable to do other things and it’s just easier to do Contract shipment of goods having someone else move your stuff vs having to do it oneself when its necessary.

All other Industrial & Research activity in New Eden have been idle for weeks, I think that’s more like months now really.

Time is money in EVE! It’s probably the most fundamental thing I ever learned way back when I started Trading that affected how I figured out in my own way how to make a profit in EVE. Yet presently I just don’t seem to have much time nor care all that much about the Trade business either or whether things on Sell Order sell all that much. Having other things to worry about in Real Life make it all really seem unimportant.

EVE is Not Real!

Real Life is!

And in some ways, I’m somewhat enjoying not really “actively” playing EVE like I used to as I devote needed time to more important things. Such is the state of Real Life sometimes.

Now if my Wallet Balance in EVE was as real as Real Life, now that would indeed be something.



  • Sounds rather familiar to my current position – just replace study with children, and your large bank balanace with my much smaller one. I haven’t bothered with PI for well over a month as it just isn’t selling. Trade also seems really subdued and on extra low volumes. Having said that – it is good at times to just have down times on EVE, where you take it easy and recharge the batteries.

    • Yeah can agree with what you said there.

      Agree again some regular downtime from EVE can be a good thing as well to take things easy without much worry to recharge ones perspective on things.

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