On CSM7 Voting….. Apathetic!

I’ve never written anything on the CSM before and not likely I will ever again. I don’t have much or any love not even the slightest bit for real-life Politicians. Thus I don’t have much love for gaming Politicians either, especially EVE Politicians. Hard to trust people in EVE, least a EVE Politician and it’s my belief they all have some hidden agenda. Afterall it’s a game and Mittens seem to play it the best atm.

I’m a very Apathetic voter especially as it relates to EVE CSM7 Candidates. Have no interest either in attempting to even tell anyone who to vote for or endorse as candidates.

I’m not much inclined to exercise my 2 votes even the slightest. So odds are I’m unlikely to Vote, and i’m fine with that.



  • Serpentine Logic

    I thought as a player who does industry, you’d consider supporting Seleene (and other CSM members) who push for an industry expansion after Inferno.

  • Agree with Serp . Worth taking a punt don’t you think? A null vote is a null vote in any case. Choosing an indy focussed candidate might actually do some good. You never know.

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