Eve goes really well when you don’t play it. Skills tick up, orders sell. It’s often a delight to come back after a break and see all the new ships you can fly and how rich you are. Stabs

I Agree!

Haven’t had allot or all that much time to do much in New Eden lately. Time has been diverted to do more important things for the most part like school stuff this semester and I’m really still playing catchup there. Spaceship is important business! But some things are also more important as well.

EVE time if any is mostly on the weekends if any.

Main character a mostly a Trader but also an Industrialist/Inventor passed 30 Million Skill Point recently. I have barely had time to even noticed. Can’t even remember what’s he is Training either.

Why its fun being a Trader? You can make money even when you’re not playing EVE directly of on EVE offline mode. Profits are up to over 26 Billion. Corp profits made on my behalf are up to about 1.4 Billion in those Wallet. And I’ve barely played EVE much in last 2-3 weeks.

Trade Tip: Trading Ice Products can make you quite a bit of ISK. Trading Helium Isotope can specifically make you good money.

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